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The COLD weather is right around the corner. You need try to start preparing for it now. Please make sure your pet has adequate shelter at all times. Do NOT forget to give them fresh water, multiple times per day. Keep your pets current on Heart Worm Prevention & Flea Prevention year round. DO NOT leave your pet unsupervised in a vehicle for any reason, whatsoever! It is NOT acceptable for a pet to live it's life at the end of a chain. Love them. Spoil them. Respect them. Thanks for considering adopting a rescued pet. May God continue to bless you.


The sanctuary relies entirely on one person (financially and physically). I appreciate any and all help that you are willing to offer. If you're babies are not spayed or neutered yet, make an appointment for them today. It's so important! Please don't say you can't afford it. You can afford it! We can ALL do without something for a month or two to save up for our babies' surgeries. If I can do it for EVERY baby here, surely you can do it for your one or two babies there. I'm not judging or bashing you. I'm pleading with you. Spaying and neutering are necessities.


Please be aware when you are shopping to adopt a new rescued baby, that just because a "group" is calling themselves a Rescue Group, does not mean they honestly are. You still need to check them out very thoroughly. I am not bad mouthing rescue groups, because I am a rescuer myself, but you should at least speak with their veterinarians to confirm that they are a legitimate and REPUTABLE rescue. If the rescue has a problem with you doing so, then that should be an immediate red flag to you. My vet's telephone # is listed below.  


My purpose and goal is to give each precious Baby (I don't like the word animal) the happiest and healthiest life that I possibly can and by adopting each new baby out to the most Compatible, Happy, Loving and Forever Home. Your job is to spoil'em rotten and to properly care for your pet(s) for the remainder of their life. If you are interested in fostering or adopting a pet, please email sheree543@yahoo.com and/or call 740-596-8254 and leave a message, name and tele #, and the reason for your call.


Thank you so much for considering adopting a rescued pet. They are all so deserving. Please be understanding and realize that there may be other families interested in the same pet. Not everybody can be chosen. I screen very thoroughly and I also make my decisions based on the following: vet reference, time you have to spend with the pet, a home and environment that is best suitable for each individual pet, history, etc. I am not perfect but I do my best with approving and choosing the families in which I choose. I apologize to anyone who may get offended or angry at the decisions that I make. I am doing the best that I possibly can and have devoted my entire life, heart and soul, and 100% of my personal income to these precious innocent babies! It is a choice I have made and it's a 24/7/365 full time job. I do not get paid one cent to do what I do. I do not get any funding, tax breaks, reimbursements, etc. It is EXTREMELY costly and stressful! If you have criticism or feel the rescuing/adopting of babies needs to be handled in a different or better manner, then all I can say, is "I wish you the best of luck with YOUR efforts". And I PRAY that "you" actually put forth the effort. We need many more people to be out their rescuing, educating, fostering and adopting these babies because there are too many people not spaying and neutering or properly taking care of their own pets. I wish you the best and may God bless you always. GOD IS GREAT!


Thank You very kindly for giving my babies the chance at a home and life they deserve. I have been blessed with the best babies in the whole world. They all deserve the very best and I wish you the best of luck with your new addition. You're awesome! I send my blessings and lots of love.


If you wish to help, you may do so by making a monetary donation or by donating the following items: bleach, laundry detergent, cleaners, latex gloves, disinfectant wipes, paper towels, dog food, cat food, chicken feed, Kuranda Beds, etc. Contact Heaven's Lil Angels Animal Sanctuary, Inc. by calling (740)596-8254 or email sheree543@yahoo.com . If you would like to help out with the ongoing medical expenses and would prefer to send your payment directly to our Veterinarian's office, you may do so by calling the North Fork Animal Clinic @ (740)773-7387 and have them credit it directly to our account. My babies and I appreciate any and all help that is offered and received. Just so you get a little idea of how much time, money and work goes into this, I'd like for you to know how many babies actually live here full time. There are 19 resident doggies who live here due to one reason or another. Most of them are now seniors and special needs. I have had all of them spayed/neutered, vaccinated, on preventatives, tested, etc. ALL new adoptable doggies go up for adoption. There are 16 kitties who also live here. They are also all spayed/neutered, tested, vaccinated, on preventatives, living inside, etc. PLUS, there are 4 rescued Chickens (3 are roosters) who live here too. I have rescued every single one of these babies and I love them dearly. I do not eat the chickens, nor do I eat eggs. These chickens were homeless so I built them a palace and they are big, beautiful, healthy and happy babies now! I have my hands MORE than full with the resident kids here, besides the new ones who go up for adoption. If you aren't able to help us out financially, please say a prayer for us. Prayer works wonders! God is great!

My Prayer is for ALL people to stop the violence, neglect and abuse against ALL living kind!



Every adoption requires a completed application, home visit if possible, good vet reference and good personal references, a signed adoption contract and the donation amount as listed on each individual pet's profile. I do allow families out of state to adopt. However, I do not ship any of my babies. You must be willing to travel here to the sanctuary in McArthur, OH 45651 (Southeastern Ohio) to complete the adoption. We are 1 1/2 hrs from Columbus, 25 minutes from Chillicothe, 30 minutes from Logan, 30 minutes from Athens and 30 minutes from Jackson, Ohio.

FYI: Here's just a few tips on choosing the right pet foods. You should always check to make sure the very 1st ingredient listed is a Meat, unless your pet has a medical condition, allergies or if they are vegan. Most petfoods out there are mainly corn. Corn is just a filler and is not the healthiest of ingredients for your pet. Corn will also cause the pet to have many more bowel movements than normal. You will probably be surprised at what you are feeding your pet. Whatever kind you choose, please make sure your pet agrees and the food agrees with your pet.

Heaven's Lil Angels Animal Sanctuary, Inc.

McArthur, OH 45651
Phone: (740)596-8254

Email: sheree543@yahoo.com
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