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"Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring-- it was peace." ~ Milan Kundera

Who We Are

We are a non-profit 501(c)3 (tax deductible) no-kill animal rescue who is dedicated to ending the senseless killing of animals that have been discarded by society. We accept owner surrenders to prevent the animal from going to the shelters and bring home those who were tossed out to fend for themselves. All of these dogs remain safe at our facility until we find their forever homes!

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Our Lil Bit of Heaven Animal Rescue and Sanctuary
4259 Mangus Rd.
Poland, IN 47868

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Our Lil Bit of Heaven Animal Rescue and Sanctuary
4259 Mangus Rd
Poland, IN 47868


There are 45 cats and dogs to every person in the U.S. Only 1 out of every 10 ever find a home.

800 dogs and cats are KILLED every HOUR in U.S.

Support Animal Rescue, spay and neuter your pets, don't let them roam. You can choose to be a part of the problem or part of the solution. It's up to YOU!


Give a big guy/gal a chance!! Or an older puppy for that matter. It seems that folks think the older pups will be harder to train etc. This just simply is not true. Our pups are so well mannered, obedient and loving they are sponges waiting to absorb the best.

The websites online that allow the public to view the animals that are in need of forever homes are fantastic tools. The pictures and bios let you get an interest in one or two BUT, what we suggest here at Our Lil Bit of Heaven is that when you see a baby that you think you're interested in at ours or any rescue, go visit but, visit with ALL of the ones that are available. The larger dogs, the older dogs, you cannot get a glimpse of their personalities through a picture. Meet them, spend some time with them. You may just be suprised at who grabs your heart strings.

News from Heaven

- Calling all previous adopters! We would love to hear from you! Please e-mail us an update on your furry kid and we'll post it on our site! (

- Our Lil' Bit of Heaven has gone high tech! We're on facebook with our own group: Friends of Our Lil Bit of Heaven. Please join! The group has photos of the floods and flood damage. If you have evacuation photos, please post them!

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Hello Joyce! We cannot thank you enough for Ginger (now named Daphne)!! :) She has been such a wonderful addition to our household. She is so well behaved and has been adapting well to life in our home. She spends most of her time sleeping with us on our sofa and snuggling under the blanket with me during the evenings. She is just the perfect dog. We just got a new camera and once I figure out how to send pictures from it through email I will send you some!! :) Hope things are going well for you!!! ~The Vincents~ :)

Hey, thanks for checking in. BJís doing MUCH better, still very very shy around new people but heís coming around little bit by little bit. Itís understandable thought because I have people over at my house nearly 3 to 4 times a week and Iím sure thatís more human interaction than heís used to. Heís getting more and more comfortable with my house, going from room to room. Heís actually a great jogging dog, stays right at my side, just getting him conditioned. Hope alls going well

Bear Boy is doing great here! We love having him here with us! He has never had an "accident" in the house, and acts like he has already been house-trained. He has been very gentle, and does not bother things laying around or within his reach. I take him on a walk every day, as long as it is not raining, and he just loves getting out with me. We have been going on some of the newer back trails at the Mooresville Park. He rides very well in the car, and seems to enjoy going places with us. He has been to PetSmart twice already with us. At first it seemed like he had some separation anxiety, but he is almost back to normal now. He did not eat much of his Iams at first, but is doing better now. All in all we are very pleased, and thank you much for letting us adopt him!

Hi Joyce,
Thanks so much for the updates from the shelter! I was thrilled to hear that you'd moved to a bigger farm--it sounds like you are continuing to expand with the support of the community. It's been a tight year for us (as it has been for everyone, I know!) but Bryan's job went from part time to full time recently, so we're hoping to make some room in the budget to support our favorite animal rescue.
All three of us--Bryan, Andre and me--are doing very well in our new home. Andre loves having a yard of his own to play in! He's not thrilled about some of the new training he's going through to get ready for baby (there is a "do not touch" pile of stuffed animals in our living room that he's longing to play with), but he's loving his new home. I've attached a couple of pictures for you to see. Take care,
Kelly, Bryan and Andre
Hi Joyce and super-star volunteers!
I've attached our best christmas photo with Isabella (formerly Angelina) front and center. It's like she's always been apart of our family! She enjoys frequent rides to Lafayette to visit our families and has made friends with all the other fury friends in our neighborhood. Everyone that meets "Izzy" just loves her! She also has 3 fury cousins (2 boxers and a miniture dashound) that enjoy playing and taking each others toys.
We are so blessed to have found her and OLBH! We continue to spread the word about the great experience we've had.
We do hope that the new location works out well and only gets better as each month passes this year!
Hi Joyce,
I just wanted to give a recent update on Trooper. He has become such a special part of our family and we are still so thankful to have found him. He still doesn't like guests at the house, but his other traits definitely make up for that one issue. He is the sweetest, most affectionate and loyal dog you can imagine. He adores both my husband and I, but has definitely become a daddy's boy! :) He still loves to play with his brother Finnegan and has also become a big fan of our new baby boy, Dylan. Whenever Dylan cries, Trooper comes running to make sure we are taking care of him. Trooper is very obedient and loves to cuddle and be as close to us as possible. He also loves his toys and his treats! It's so cute to watch him play with toys, he is just in heaven and so happy to chew on a nylabone or kong. :) He also gets soooo excited to go for his walks. As soon as he sees his harness he starts prancing around and can barely stand still long enough for us to put it on. He's a puller on the leash, but we forgive him for it since he is obviously so happy and excited to be outside exploring. Oh, and when we're at the park on a walk he is a huge fan of the squirrels! He will pull and pull just trying to get to a squirrel; it's frustrating, but it's also pretty funny!
Matt and I believe that Trooper came to us for a reason and he is what we needed, issues and all! We love him so much and are so thankful he came into our lives at the right time. We also think that Finnegan needed a little brother and we didn't even know it at the time, but they are still a perfect match for each other. Matt says they are like Irish brothers, brawling one minute and loving on each other the next. :) I'm attaching just a few of the good pictures we have of Trooper, he's a very happy boy!
Shannon and Matt
Hey Joyce! I hadn't emailed lately, so I thought I would.
Finch(Clyde) is doing so, so, so, so well. He's "completely" housebroken (praise the Lord.... the quotation marks are for the one time a week he decides to pee on the fireplace. Once a week I can deal with.)
He's so snuggly. He loves me, but he loves Tim more. :) They lay on the floor together and run around the house every day when Tim gets home from work.... he runs on all fours like a dog when he chases him.... it's funny.
When we first got him, we thought he was kind of quiet and serious, but after a month, we now know that is not the case. He is so waggy! When we come home from work, he's SO happy to see us.... he bounces around the kitchen and jumps up to say hello.... we're working on the jumping part.
He sleeps right on the floor next to Tim's side of the bed.... curled into a tiny ball on top of his bed. He snores sometimes. :)
He loves to chew his bones. He's been going through like four a week, it's crazy.
He's good on his leash. We got him a no slip collar and that seems to help with the "escaping."
He can open doors! We had to get a lock for the door from the laundry room to the garage.
He and Darby get along very well, but when we're home, they're both more interested in the people in the house than they are each other.
We kiss and snuggle him every day, and I think it's safe to say that he is a very, very happy boy.
I hope you're well!
Hi Joyce,
Fred Astaire and Ginger have been with me now over a year. We are quite settled into a routine. They even let me know if Iím staying up after normal bed time! Ginger passed obedience training in third place out of something like 16. She has me very well-trained! It came in handy recently when we were walking and charged by two big dogs. She managed to wiggle out of her collar and started running off. When I got up from the ground, I called her and she stopped!! (And they say Beagles are too stubborn!- Ha!) She is also keeping the spring bulbs blooming with her persistent rabbit chasing. Before they came, the rabbits used my back yard for their buffet.

Fred is also doing well. It took him a little longer to re-housetrain, but I am so glad I hung in there. Heís finally got me trained to let him out Ė and heís come out of his shyness enough to bark at the door when he thinks it should open. Boys usually do take longer to potty train, though. Sometimes he goes out just so he can return for a treat. He thinks I donít know! He loves to steal socks, so I have to do laundry on the sly so that he doesnít hide them in his tummy. He is a mama's boy - would rather be with me inside than chasing rabbits!

I know it was very hard for me to commit to a dog (and I got two!) because I was so heartbroken when my former Patches got old and a brain tumor deemed it necessary for us to part. For those people (me) reluctant to get another dog for fear of the heartbreak that will come eventually, please keep in mind that while we have our friends, we must think of the good we do for them and the good they do for us. I cannot now imagine life without them.

I feel so terrible for the dogs that donít have homes. I urge anyone to go visit a shelter, play with the little ones and see who tugs at their heartstrings. And then, go home and try to imagine that little one in a shelter or rescue day in and day out, without a family to call his own. Now, I know you (Joyce) care for each and every baby out there, but I hope they can all some day find a home like Fred and Ginger, and all the other happy tails you have wagging in their forever abodes. Thank you for making the trip to Missouri to rescue Fred and Ginger from the terrible fate they would have had at the shelter that was told to euthanize them!! And thank you for caring for the many that you do while they are waiting for their forever families to come for them!

Terri & Fred & Ginger

Hi Joyce,
Michael, Oso, Sati (FOXEY) and I just returned from a long roadtrip out west. Sati is the most WONDERFUL puppy imaginable! She is doing ever so well. She is EXTREMELY smart. A wonderful mixture of playful puppy-ness and calm maturity! She is growing up fast and is more beautiful than ever. I think she is about 25 lbs now. She is long and skinny at the moment, but we think she will fill out. She has an insanely curly tail and short greyish hair! She has a couple of really good puppy friends that she spends her days in Bloomington wrestling and playing. She is also excellent off the leash when out hiking and listens well. Just thought you might like to see some recent pictures of her from our trip. Hope everything is going well for you and your furry kids. Take care Katy

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Our Lil Bit of Heaven Animal Rescue and Sanctuary
4259 Mangus Rd.
Poland, IN 47868

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