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Heart of America Poodle and Friends canine rescue, Inc.


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We are now only taking in Standard Poodles.

Who We Are

Heart of America Poodle and Friends K9 rescue, saves, shelter St. Poodles, stray St. Poodles, and unwanted St. Poodles. They are fully vetted, spay/neutered,micro chipped, observed, crate trained, and socialized. We do our best to find these ST. Poodles good "forever" homes. The first step in adopting a St. Poodle from my rescue is to e-mail me for an application. Heart of America Poodle and Friends K 9 Rescue! Adoption fee-The adoption fee starts at $250.00 and may vary for individual dogs. All are spay/neutered, vaccinated, including bordetella. Some get their teeth cleaned and polished, some are treated for heart worms. Puppies get age appropriate vaccinations. All dogs, 6 months or older are tested for heart worms. All of the dogs get a collar and leash and each dog is micro chipped with a 24PetWatch micro chip. I am a private citizen, with no funding. The adoption donations and the private donations keeps my program going. I crate train all the dogs in my care. Because I have many, I am unable to housetrain them. Occasionally I get a dog surrendered by the owner. This dog may or may not be housetrained. It will be the adoptive family?s responsibility to housetrain. If you are not comfortable with this, it is best that you do not adopt a dog. All dogs will have an occasional accident in the house. To the best of my knowledge, and with the help of my vet, all dogs in my care are healthy and vaccinated at the time of they become available for adoption. At no time would I knowingly place a sick dog in a new home. If the dog has an on-going health issue, then the adopting family would know this at the time of adoption and agree to make sure that their new companion would get the treatment he/she needed.

Adopting a Friend

If you would like to adopt a dog from Heart of America Poodle and Friends K9 rescue please contact me at

Volunteering and Donations

Committed foster homes are always needed and donations are welcome.

visits are by appointments and only after an applicaion has been filled out and returned to me.!

Heart of America rescue does not ship dogs,does not place dogs as surprises or gifts and does not place dogs to anyone who has not come to meet the dog they are interested in. We do not place " outside dogs". Heart of America Poodle and Friends K9 rescue.
Moscow Mills, Missouri 63362
Phone: e-mail only
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