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Who We Are

Happily Ever After Dog Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit, all-volunteer, no-kill, all foster rescue group dedicated to:
Rescuing, fostering and providing necessary vet care to abandoned, stray and neglected dogs regardless of breed, age, or medical condition.
Finding permanent placement in responsible and loving homes for these dogs.
Educating the public on proper and responsible pet ownership.


Our dogs originate from all walks of life and come to us in conditions ranging from perfect health to verge of death. But once with us, we strive to make them all equals. They all receive the same loving care and attention to ensure their physical and mental well-being, as well as the same uncompromising dedication to finding the perfect home for each. Our volunteers pour their time, their money, and their love into making our dogs the best pets possible for you to bring into your family.

Our Featured Pet... STAR!!

Adopting a friend

How to Adopt one of our dogs:

If you would like to adopt one of our available dogs, the first step is to contact us at happilyeverafter4dogs@yahoo.com to request an application. Once we review your application, we will check vet records and then call you to talk about our foster dogs and answer any questions about the dogs and our adoption process. We will also arrange a neutral site meet and greet with the dog and your family. Once approved, we will conduct a home visit. Before permanent placement in your household, we require a 5 day 'sleepover' as an opportunity to see how the dog interacts with your household and to ensure we are making a good match. No adoption will be final until after receiving an approved application, check of vet records, interview, neutral site meet and greet, home visit, 5-day sleepover and adoption fee.

Adopting family agrees to keep this dog as an inside only pet and companion. The dog is not to be a guard dog, fighting dog, or used for experiment or for research purposes. Adopting family guarantees that they shall provide their new family member with proper diet, veterinary care, kept current on vaccinations, monthly heartworm preventative, and as needed, flea treatment.

The adoption fee is $180 for dogs over 25 lbs, $220 for dogs 10 - 25 lbs (estimated adult weight), and $300 for toy breed dogs under 10 lbs (estimated adult weight). Please read the bio for the dog you are interested in as there are sometimes exceptions to this rule. Adoption fees include a microchip registration fee. All of our dogs are thoroughly checked out by a veterinarian. On their initial exam, they receive, as determined appropriate by the vet, a rabies shot, DA2PPL shot/s, heartworm test, and deworming. All of our animals are fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered and microchipped prior to adoption. If the dog tests positive for heartworms, they are treated. While awaiting adoption, all of our dogs are fostered in homes where they are provided by HEADR monthly heartworm prevention, flea control, any necessary medications prescribed by our vet, as well as a high quality dog food, crate and toys.

Meet our Star......Sofie!

Sofie is our star!!! She has been through a ton of medical issues from mastitis to heartworm treatment but has shown throughout what a true star she is!!! Sofie is now completely healthy and thriving well in her foster home. Sofie has even completed her beginning behavior training class!!! Just ask her foster mom what a star she is!!


#1 THELMA, #2 BELLE, #3 CANDY, #4 SUNNIE, #5 TROY, #6 TINA #7 SIX , #8 CASEY, #9 DEXTER, #10 NOAH, #11 ELVIS, #12 CLAIRE, #13 SAMSON, #14 MICAH, #15 PUP 4

DA2PP vaccinations for puppies should begin between 6 - 8 weeks of age. Your veterinarian will give them in three seperate series, three to four weeks apart; 6-8 weeks of age, 10-12 weeks of age, and 14-16 weeks of age. All Adult dogs should be vaccinated yearly or every 3 years as determined by your veterinarian.

The pictures above are of 14 unlucky puppies (9 are a whole entire healthy litter) and 1 adult dog who were born into this world without proper veterinarian care for the mother dog or them. These are the faces of Distemper and Parvo which are hideous diseases of which there is not a cure. The survival rate of Distemper virus is under 25% and those that do survive are not always without some lingering effects of the disease. Distemper is not just a puppy disease. It can affect all dogs no matter their age. Parvo is a puppy disease. The survival rate of Parvo virus is 50/50. With proper vaccinations to the mother of these puppies, they would have been passed the mother's immunity which lasts up to their 6th week of age. Again, with the series of DA2PP vaccinations properly administered by a veterinarian three to four weeks apart, all of the faces you see would still be with us today!


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Join IGive and up to 26% of each purchase will be donated to our rescue organization.

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So why foster? Because of the love in the eyes of an animal we have opened our homes and hearts to; because we can make a difference in just this one dog's life; because of the joy in seeing a dog once beaten and discouraged, now happily playing with it's friends; because dogs can teach us how to be better human beings. There is not enough thanks in the world for what foster families do! It is definitely worth it!Happily Ever After Dog Rescue is a no-kill rescue that fosters rescue dogs in our own homes. This means we can only save as many dogs as we have room in our foster homes for. That's where you can help. We desperately need loving foster families to care for our rescued dogs until we can find great, forever homes for them. We provide all vet care as well as food, a crate, toys, collar, leash, monthly heartworm prevention as well as flea control for each of our foster dogs. Fostering a homeless animal is not always easy but always rewarding! Sure it is hard to say goodbye when one of our foster dogs finds the perfect home, but it is such a wonderful feeling to know that you helped save that dog's life and that you made the difference by nurturing them, taking care of them, and giving them the love that they deserve. The smiles definitely outweigh the tears. Consider becoming a foster for HEADR, we guarantee it is worth it!! Please contact us today for more information via email at happilyeverafter4dogs@yahoo.com.

We are also looking for dog-loving volunteers who would like to help us at our adoption events. You can help walk a dog, sit with the dog, and talk with potential adoptive families. Drop us a line by email at happilyeverafter4dogs@yahoo.com. We would love to hear from you.

Happily Ever After Dog Rescue
Houston, TX 77062
Email: happilyeverafter4dogs@yahoo.com

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