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There are usually more dogs at our shelter besides the ones on here, as time permits, and as they come off their stray holds, they will be added, however you are always welcome to call and ask what dogs we currently have here. To give a loving dog a forever home, please see below in the section called 'Adopting a Friend' for adoption information. Your new best friend is waiting here for you!

For those wishing to donate, one thing we always need is dog food. If you would like to donate anything 'dog related', or monetary donations, please contact me directly at: 870-406-0273. All donations are appreciated and it really helps a lot. You can also make monetary donations straight to our vet to help with our ever-growing vet bills. Just contact me and I will tell you how. If you have an old dog house, or a pen that you no longer need, please consider donating that stuff as it can be used to help someone out there who can't afford to buy those things. Plus, it really helps their pet to be more comfortable and helps to keep them in compliance with the law. I would much rather give someone in need a dog house than to write them a ticket for not having one.

You can also volunteer at our shelter and have fun interacting with the many wonderful dogs we have here. Call me for information on volunteering here. It is a win-win when you do as it feels good and makes the dogs feel great, too. They all love the attention and can never get enough of it.

Our dogs receive heartworm preventative, (Ivermectin), and wormer, (Strongid-T), monthly. In addition, we have partnered with Purina to be on the 'Forti-Flora Good Moves Program'. This program allows every dog here at the shelter to get Forti-Flora with their food daily. Forti-Flora is a probiotic + vitamins, which you sprinkle on their food. I have noticed a HUGE difference using this product! The dogs have beautiful coats and have zero stomach issues, even when we have to switch food brands. They are happier and healthier than ever! I highly recommend Forti-Flora and when you adopt a dog from us, you will get some Fort- Flora to take home and help your new dog or puppy with their transition into their new home.

Who We Are

I want to give a big thank you to the Cabe and the Horace Cabe Foundations. Their generosity made some much needed improvements possible. I owe them a HUGE thank you! They did a wonderful thing here and helped many dogs in the process. Below is an outline of those improvements.

**** The Gurdon Shelter has undergone several projects that are making our shelter one of the best out there. We received a large grant in October 2009 which made these things possible. Improvements include a fenced in area for the dogs to run and play. We can let them out of their kennels and when they go outside they are already in the fenced in area! This is such a wonderful improvement and the dogs are loving it. Of all the new changes, this one is my favorite because of what it does for the dogs.

We lowered the ceiling and insulated above it. These two things should help with keeping the odor down and the temperature more tolerable. There is a timer on the exhaust fans now which will also help. We added new lighting throughout the shelter, too. Also, the exhaust fans have been re-worked and one was replaced. What a difference!!

We have added several new kennels, including a quarantine kennel which is larger than the others to help with litters of puppies. Our kennels in the shelter are built right with block walls between each kennel to keep the possibility of spreading disease to a minimum. In the last 5 years there have been a few cases of puppies bringing the parvo virus into the shelter, and we have never had it go beyond the kennel the affected dog was in and have never had another dog get sick by using the same kennel later. The new kennels are built the same way.

Other improvements include a new storage room inside, new security measures and a new office to facilitate adoptions. I am really excited about these new improvements and want to invite you to come on out here and check it all out...and maybe you'll meet your new best friend while you are here!!

The Gurdon Animal Shelter is a non-profit LOW kill municipal shelter located in Gurdon, Arkansas. By 'low kill' we mean this: As few as possible are put to sleep. This is accomplished through adoptions and rescues getting our dogs. I would love to be a no-kill shelter, but that is not possible till people start spaying and neutering their pets. I know it sounds 'preachy', but it is true. PLEASE spay or neuter your pets...there are low cost ways to do so. Contact me and I will point you in the right direction to get it done.

As the Animal Control Officer of this town, I cannot tell someone calling me about stray dogs getting into their trash that I can't go and get the dog(s) due to having no room. I *MUST* go and get the dog(s) and MAKE room for it/them. The best scenario is that I have room due to people giving other dogs here loving forever homes, or that some go to rescue organizations. One thing that happens, too, is that when 'no-kill' shelters refuse to take unwanted dogs in, those dog owners usually bring them to a neighboring town, (like ours!), and turn them loose. Then I have to catch that dog, and find room for it, and that increases the chances of other dogs being humanely euthanized....something which I detest having to see happen to healthy dogs. I do everything I can to ensure that we don't have to do that, but I can't keep them in a kennel forever as I have to constantly make space for new strays.

The reality is this...the main difference between a no-kill shelter and a shelter such as ours is that when I, run out of room, I have to make some tough choices that I hate having to make. Now...this being said, it is important that there are outlets like this one to help get as many of those dogs adopted out to loving homes. Adoption and rescue both work...I can prove this by the stack of adoptions and rescues that have happened through this shelter in the last few years. Websites like this, (, are a wonderful place to find your special and new best friend.

So, if you want a dog, please always consider adopting from a public shelter like you actually save lives by adopting. Speaking from my own experience as I had an 19 year old Spaniel mix, (who adopted ME at a shelter in Las Vegas some 17+ years ago!), shelter dogs are THE BEST dogs you can get. They appreciate that second chance that you give them and they love you that much more because of it. Please steer clear of puppy mills and instead adopt from a shelter. Buying from a puppy mill is the same as supporting the abuse of animals. I have several dogs myself...and every one of them was a shelter dog prior to my having them.

Adoption and Rescue Information

Our adoptions procedures are as follows: First, you need to know that Arkansas state laws requires that all dogs adopted from a shelter or rescue MUST be spayed or neutered AND have a current rabies vaccination. Our adoption fees are, literally, the vet bill, though you are always welcome to donate more which will help another dog.

The dogs which have already been vetted have a very nominal adoption fee, which varies depending on what was done. When vetted, they are generally tested for intestinal worms and heart worms, get all their shots as well as spayed or neutered. Please understand that this is a municipal shelter, and money is tight, so we can't vet every dog we get until the dog has an adoption commitment. If a dog is already vetted then either it came in that way, or someone else helped us by paying for some of the vetting cost through sponsoring that dog.

Also, if you find a dog in our shelter that you want, and we get it vetted, we just need at least half of the fee in advance and I will take care of getting the dog to the vet for the vetting procedures and bringing it back to our shelter so you can pick it up, or if you live locally, I may be able to deliver the dog to you...just ask! You can pay the vet directly for the vetting and you will still get our shelter discounted pricing. Also, if there are vouchers available at the local Humane Society, you can use that to cut the cost of vetting quite a bit. Please ask and I will let you know if vouchers are available. If you have a vet already that you wish to use, and it is not our vet, you can leave a deposit and take the dog. Once the dog is vetted, then you will be refunded that deposit. You have 30 days to get it done.

FOR RESCUE ORGANIZATIONS: I am very rescue friendly, there are just a few rules that apply. If you are a registered 501c3 rescue, and want to pull from this shelter, you need to fax or send me a copy of your paperwork. Generally there is a pull fee of 25.00 per dog, but I am willing to work with you on this. If we have vetting into the dog, you will need to reimburse the city for that vet bill. As a rescue, you can pull them and get them vetted yourself. Please understand that I WILL ask around to find out if you are a reputable rescue and I reserve the right to not allow pulling, (or adopting), from anyone who has a history of abuse of any animals. Also, I can't do every little thing that some rescues demand. Sorry, but I work several other jobs and a day is only 24 hours long. If you have a laundry list of demands required for you to pull dogs from me, then your rescue requirements need to be reasonable, please!

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City of Gurdon Animal Shelter
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