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Who We Are

German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) Rescue of NJ is a 501c organization dedicated to finding permanent loving homes for homeless, abandoned, neglected, abused and unwanted purebred GSPs. As part of our mission, the group educates the public about the breed, and assists GSP owners as needed. Our group covers all of New Jersey, parts of New York, and assists other recognized out-of-state GSP rescues in emergency situations. GSP Rescue of NJ is part of the National GSP Rescue network.

GSPs are an energetic, loving, stubborn, but fiercely loyal breed of dogs often given up or abandoned for just these qualities! We are an energetic, loving, stubborn, but fiercely loyal bunch of volunteers committed to saving these dogs. All dogs that enter our program are fully vetted and assessed and brought to optimal health before being adopted.

As a non-profit, we raise money through awareness days and special events. We also receive donations and adoption fees. These funds go directly to the costs of vetting, care and boarding associated with the dogs in our program.


Anyone considering making a GSP part of their family must consider the HIGH ENERGY needs of the breed. They require stimulating exercise on a daily basis and consistent obedience training. Do not expect a dog that just lies around. If their energy needs are not met, they can become destructive in the house. MOST GSPs are surrendered to us because of their high energy level. In many of those cases the family brought a GSP into their lives without fully understanding the exercise requirements of the breed. Consequently, they could not meet those needs & sought our help in placing the dog in a new home. GSPs are a hunting breed with HIGH PREY DRIVES. They can become easily distracted and chase squirrels, birds and other small animals. Thus, GSPs are not particularly reliable off leash and are best in a home with secure fencing. GSPs also love to be close to their families and do not do well in homes when they are left alone for excessively long periods of time each day. Ideal placements are with families who can provide the animal with love, attention, training, daily exercise and most importantly make him a part of their every day lives.

Please visit for additional information on the breed to help you determine whether or not this breed is right for you.

CONSIDERING ADOPTION? Before you fill out our adoption application, please read all about our adoption process. We are a rescue organization. We are not a shelter. We rescue dogs from shelters and homes where they are unwanted, or their families cannot care for them. That means we want them to be safe and happy forever and ever and we want to know that they are. We care about them like they're our children and care for them until they find a home. So we love them just about as much as their new families do.

To start the adoption process, fiil out the form on our website. Adoption Application. Your application must be approved in order to be referred for adoption of any dog in our care. All applicants are screened, a home visit is done and a vet and/ or other references are requested. Since a home visit is required, we cannot adopt long distance. We follow this protocol in an attempt to match the most suitable home for each GSP in light of its health, personality, behavior and other factors. Sometimes it will take a few days before you hear from someone. We do our best to contact potential adopters within 48 hours, but it is not always possible. Please be patient. An adoption fee is required. ALL of the dogs adopted through the GSP of NJ Rescue Program are spayed/neutered before placement, no exceptions. They also go to their new homes fully vaccinated, heartworm checked, and microchipped. All funds received are used to benefit rescued and future rescued GSPs.


We are always in need of FOSTER HOMES. We are often forced to board the dogs due to the lack of foster homes. This is a tremendous financial burden on our rescue, not to mention the stress it causes for the dogs. Boarding the dogs depletes our funds very quickly and the lack of funds will impact our ability to save needy GSP's in the future. Foster homes have saved many GSP's over the years and are a critical part of our success as a rescue group. A foster home provides a loving and stable environment and is a place where the dog can live until he or she is adopted.

If you are experienced with the breed or other high energy breeds, live in NJ or NY and have the time, space & energy to foster a GSP in your home until a permanent home is found PLEASE consider giving a great new start to a GSP! (Fenced in yard is a must). It is a wonderful experience to watch how they blossom and thrive in a loving home environment. Just think, you'll be helping a GSP who may not otherwise have a chance. How wonderful to know you had a part in saving the life of a homeless dog! Fostering is also a great way to get to know the breed before you decide to adopt.

While in shelters, GSPs usually suffer from shelter stress which makes them seem unadoptable & potential families pass them right by, this is why fostering is so important.

Would you like to help GSPs in need, but don't have a lot of time to give? We are always in need of volunteers to help with all aspects of the rescue effort, and much of the work we do does not take up a lot of time at all. Of course, foster homes are always needed, but even if you cannot commit to fostering a GSP, there are MANY other things you can do to help needy GSPs in your area. Perhaps you only have an hour to spare now and then. We can always use help with home visits and transportation. In addition, when a GSP is in a shelter, we need a volunteer to visit their local shelter to identify and evaluate the dog or simply take a few digital photos for the Petfinder listing. Read all about how you can help. Don't have time but still want to support rescue? DONATE HERE.

About the German Shorthaired Pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a member of the Sporting Group and was first recognized by the AKC in 1930. He is a medium-size, versatile hunter and an all purpose gun dog capable of high performance in field and water. He is even-tempered, friendly, intelligent and a loyal family companion that is very willing to please. Color can range from solid liver to a bright white body with a liver head. There are also black and white or black and white ticked GSPs. Shorthairs may have blazes or may have solid liver heads, they can be ticked (small flecking with white background), ticked with large patches, or roan (such fine ticking they appear almost solid colored). Customarily GSPs have tails docked at a few days of age, but we occasionally get some into rescue where this is not done.

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