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UPDATE: Harmony responds very well to other dogs, she LOVES all of my austrailan shepherds and GSP's. She is learning but it will take a while and a patient person to help her blossom into the great girl I know she can be. We will need help with Harmony & (Melody is adopted) who came in from a wantabee breeder and who are ferrel due to no human exposure. They are very sad, scared, coware in the corner of wherever they're at. Harmony is the biggest of the two weighing in at 52.1. Her ears are all chewed up, starting to heal. It's going to take alot of patience, and time for her to come around. I'm looking for people that would be able to come visit for hands on to help with her to gain confidence and trust people. If you can't help physically and want to help with their vet care, you may call or send a monetary donation to our vet: Mayfair Veterinary Clinic G-4127 Clio Rd. Flint, MI 48507 810-785-0111 and may call and put it on a credit card. Tell them it's for Harmony with GSP Rescue of Michigan. Also looking for items for them: kuranda beds that are off the ground, we are listed on their site at: Gift cards would be great for other items we will need for them. Right now they are hoarding everything I give them including all the blankets are in a huge pile with the chew bones buried in them. These can be sent to: GSP Rescue of Michigan 13650 N. Sheridan Rd. Montrose, MI 48457 810-785-0111 and may call and put it on a credit card. Tell them it's for Harmony with GSP Rescue of Michigan.

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Who We Are

The German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue of Michigan has placed many dogs into wonderful homes. We have been involved with Shorthaired Pointer Rescue for 30 years. We are dedicated in helping those German Shorthaired Pointers in need of a second chance, in Michigan and other surrounding states.

Adopting a friend

ALL of the German Shorthaired Pointer's adopted through this organization are temperament tested, vaccinated, health checked, heartworm tested, spayed/neutered, microchipped, and socialized. We have dogs of both sexes and of all ages. Some of them hunt, some of them are couch potatoes, but all of them are ready to love and be loved. We have German Shorthaired Pointer's ready to fit into any home or environment, IF you pass the adoption criteria. Rescue Dogs are house raised not kennel raised.

Come Visit Us!

Our Rescue Organization is located in Montrose Michigan. We are a 501-c3 Non-Profit Organization, registered with the State of Michigan. Please, contact us if you are interested in any of the dogs listed here. ALL RESCUE DOGS ARE TO BE HOUSE DOGS ONLY, FENCED YARD, OR INVISIBLE FENCE MANDATORY. HOME VISITS AND VET REFERENCES ARE ALSO DONE.
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German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue of Michigan
Montrose, MI 48457
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