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German Shepherd Rescue of Central Alabama is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit, 'No Kill' rescue organization. We rescue German Shepherds out of shelters and from abusive situations. We take in abandoned and stray dogs, and we take owner surrenders as space allows. All dogs are neutered or spayed, current on shots and have tested negative for heartworms before they are placed in their forever home. These dogs are kept in private homes and will be shown by appointment only to APPROVED applicants. We do our best to help out any German Shepherd dog in need (primarily in the state of Alabama); unfortunately, we have limited space and finances. It takes time and money to get most of our rescue babies up to good health and full adoption status. We also help people who are having problems with their German Shepherds. We would like to help owners work through the problems rather than have to give their dog up.

Need to Find a New Home for Your German Shepherd Dog?

The Adoption Process

Please read this before calling, emailing or submitting an application.

We are an all volunteer organization. We have many animals in our care, have families and full time jobs just as most of you do. We return calls and emails and process applications as quickly as we possibly can. We appreciate your understanding and patience. If you aren't willing to go through our process which normally takes about 3 weeks, please consider the many needy German Shepherd dogs in humane societies and shelters across Alabama. Their process to adopt is usually an instantaneous one. GSRCA procedures are in place to facilitate placing the right dog in the right situation. This provides a win-win situation for both you and the dog. With these facts in mind, this is the order of our application process.

1. Application Fee~ Submit the $25 Application Fee. The address for paypal donations is GSRCAdonations@aol.com

The application fee will be deducted from the amount of the adoption fee at the time of adoption. The application fee will be refunded if GSRCA does not have a dog that matches your criteria. The application fee becomes non-refundable if the applicant adopts elsewhere while GSRCA is processing the application. If you need more information about the dog you are interested in before applying, just let us know and someone will be happy to discuss the dog with you.

2. Application~ Normally, we receive the online application the day it is filled out. If you are unable to complete the application online, we will mail you a paper application. Just call or email us with your address. Please allow several additional days for processing if you mail one in. *The average time for you to receive acknowledgement of your application is 5 working days.

3. Reference Checks~ After reviewing your application we will check your vet and personal references. Please notify those you have listed on the application to expect a call or email from us. If we have a question regarding your vet reference, we will contact you.

4. Home Visit~ Provided your application and reference checks are satisfactory, the next step is visiting your home for an in-home assessment. One of our volunteers, or someone from another rescue will do this. We will let you know, in advance who to be expecting a call or email from. *We do NOT bring the dog you are interested in on the home visit.

5. Decision~ Based on all the information gathered during the screening process, GSRCA will make a decision on whether or not to approve your application. It is not uncommon to approve an application with certain contingencies. However, if we decide not to approve you, you will be notified as well. We will also identify which dogs we believe will be best suited for your situation and ask that you meet these dogs, in addition to the one you prefer. We expect you to trust our judgment and experience in the selection process.

6. Meeting the dogs~ We show our dogs and complete adoptions from our Montgomery foster home by appointment only. We do not deliver or transport our dogs to you. Should more than one applicant be interested in the same dog, GSRCA shows to the approved applicant who made the application first.

7. Adoption Contract~ Adopters must sign a legally binding adoption contract with GSRCA and submit the specified adoption fee. Adopters must remember that a newly adopted dog requires an adjustment period and they must be willing to give them at least 2 weeks to begin to adjust. GSRCA will be available to adopters for any assistance needed at any time for the duration of the adoption.

GSRCA Adoption Fee

GSRCA's standard adoption fee is $300.

Vet care, medicines, dog food, supplies and gasoline prices have all increased over the past 2 years and these increases filter down to us. Different vets have different fees. Treatment varies according to the individual dog's condition. Most vets are experiencing the crunch, too and are no longer able to allow clients to make partial payments. Below is a breakdown of the usual expenses we incur getting the average rescued German Shepherd dog to an adoptable status. It's easy to see how the numbers just don't add up.

All dogs get

Basic Exam $ 30-35
Fecal Flotation $ ~15
Heartworm Test $ ~27
DHPP/Rabies/Bordetella $ ~44
Spay $ 115-145
Neuter $ 65-120
HW Prevention per month $ ~14
Food Cost per month $35-50

Most dogs ALSO get

Preop Bloodwork $ 32-40
Dewormer $ ~33
Antibiotics $ 30-65
Bath $ 20-36
Flea Treatment $ ~20
Heartworm Treatment $ 450 - $ 650

Some dogs need

Dental $ 70-168 + antibiotics
Xrays with sedation $ ~92
Xrays without sedation $ 40-70
Boarding $ 10-18/night

Many of the dogs we rescue need specialty care which far exceeds the average expense. Common conditions our vets treat new rescues for are Dehydration, Malnutrition, Upper Respiratory infections, Sarcoptic Mange, Fractures and Injuries, Fungal skin infections and GI upsets. Chronic conditions we see most often are Ear Infections, Demodex, Pancreatic Enzyme Deficiency, Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia and Allergies. This list of conditions isn't all inclusive, though hopefully paints a picture for the potential adopter on what it costs to get a rescued dog ready for his/her new home. In most cases the adoption fee is a bargain compared to our cost of vetting a dog.

GSRCA rescues shepherds because we love the breed - not to make money. We believe in vet care and we believe in feeding a high quality food. These are paramount to having healthy dogs. The adoption fees alone are not enough to pay for the dogs medical expenses, housing and food. Making ends meet is quite essential to operating a non-profit rescue . If there is no money to care for the dogs properly, rescue and adoptions become impossible. Without the donations of regular contributors, we would not be able to continue rescueing homeless German Shepherds.

GSRCA wants you to know we appreciate your concern for the welfare of needy dogs and thank you for your contributions!

GSRCA's cost to fully vet the average rescued shepherd - $400 - $1000

Adoption Fee - $300

Owners Average Annual Expenses (vet care, food, toys) - ~$1000

The Love of a Rescued Dog - PRICELESS

Our Featured Shepherd is...


(Click on Izzy's picture to read more about her.)


If you would like to adopt a GSRCA dog, please complete the online application.

Need more information about a particular dog? Click the EMAIL icon within that dogs biography.

Click here for the online application to adopt, foster or volunteer with GSRCA.
Incomplete applications cannot be processed.

If you prefer, we will snail-mail you an adoption application, however online is the faster way.

GSRCA adopts out of state provided the adopter comes to Montgomery, Alabama to meet the dog(s) and finalize the adoption.

Other Available Dogs

Most of these dogs are heartworm positive and are waiting on funding to be available to treat them. The average cost of heartworm treatment is $450 - $650 per dog. Dogs typically do very well after treatment, go on to be adopted and live a wonderful long life. Please consider making a donation to help these shepherds.


GSRCA Bridge Kids

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSheba
Sheba was 8 years old when she was taken into rescue having been turned in to a shelter by her owner...heartworm positive. She was a very sweet dog but was never at a point physically to withstand heartworm treatment. She died in May 2004 from the disease.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Rowdy was a young dog in the prime of his life, yet abandoned at an animal shelter. We lost Rowdy in August 2004 after the onset of his heartworm treatment. His body must have been unable to handle the harsh chemicals that must be used to erradicate the worms.

* Prevent Heartworm Disease *

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Click Here to Learn about Canine Heartworm Disease



If you love German Shepherds but can't adopt or foster one at this time, you can sponsor a dog. Sponsoring is easy (and secure) thanks to Petfinder Foundation, a 501c3 organization, who hosts our "Sponsor-a-Pet program! Sponsoring a rescued dog is the perfect way to honor or memorialize that special one in your life. Just look for the link in our dog listings. Some of these dogs need more financial support than others for medications or heartworm treatment and that is noted in their pet descriptions. Basic monthly upkeep expenses PER DOG is ~ $60 which covers housing, food, heartworm and flea prevention. With the "Sponsor-a-Pet program, you can give as much or often as you choose without committing to a certain amount. Any donation is appreciated. The more people helping us financially care for these shepherds, the more dogs we can help. Email Chris Wilson, Secretary at
gsrca_cw@yahoo.com for more information about sponsoring.

The German Shepherd Rescue of Central Alabama's 2016 Calendar is NOW available at our Cafepress Store! Any and all sales from the GSRCA store are donated to the rescue to support their mission.



  • Canidae All Life Stages Dog Food
  • Collars - adjustable medium and large (15-22 inch sizes)
  • Leashes - 6 foot
  • Martingale or No-Slip Collars, nylon and adjustable
  • Wire Crates - extra large (preferably 48" x 28" or at least 42" x 26")
  • Crate Pans (to fit the above size crates)
  • Heartworm Prevention - We mostly use Sentinnel 50-100 lbs, but any brand heartworm preventative will be graciously accepted and used.
  • Frontline Plus, K9 Advantix or Revolution
  • TOYS - Kongs or other safe toys a dog can be left unsupervised with.
Monetary donations are very much appreciated since many of the dogs we bring in have to be treated for heartworms. Donations may be mailed to:

P.O. Box 640561
Pike Road, AL 36064

Any amount is sincerely appreciated and all of it is used for the dogs!

We also accept donations via Pay Pal. The address for paypal donations is GSRCAdonations@aol.com

Donate to GSRCA everytime you shop one of these stores!

Shop Jeffers Pet!
GSRCA is proud to be an affiliate with JeffersPet.com. Jeffers will donate a percentage
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Now more than ever, smart shoppers are looking for ways to stretch every dollar. In these uncertain economic times, we all face hard choices as we plan for special occasions, holiday gifts, and charitable giving. With iGive.com, you don’t have to choose between buying something or sending a donation to German Shepherd Rescue of Central Alabama. Now you can buy the things you need, save money with exclusive iGive coupons and deals, and feel good knowing that a portion of each purchase benefits our organization. Learn more at: www.i.Give.com/GSRCA

Support This Site
Visit our CafePress online store. We have German Shepherd Rescue shirts, caps, mugs and more for sale. Don't forget to check out the new 2014 GSRCA calendar! All proceeds benefit GSRCA.


Click here to see more Happy Dog Tails!

Upcoming Events and News


Annual Wine Tasting September 29th hosted by PepperTree Wine & Steaks

More details to follow...


What is fostering? Fostering a dog means that you allow one of our rescue dogs to live with you and be a part of your family. This means socialization, and basic obedience training, in addition to the usual care. We expect our foster dogs to be maintained in good physical condition, fed a nutritious diet, be in a securely fenced area when outside, and be on monthly heartworm preventative. A home visit is done prior to approval as a foster parent. Be prepared, a foster dog may be with you several months depending on the individual situation. Fostering is a serious commitment. We are desperately in need of qualified, responsible foster homes. German Shepherd Rescue of Central Alabama is turning away needy dogs every day because all of our foster homes are full. Some of these dogs may never make it out of shelters. Do not be afraid to foster because you think you will become too attached. When you see your foster dog respond to a complete stranger like they've been waiting for them all their life, you will understand what fostering is all about. They HAVE been waiting for them all their life, and you have been helping them find that perfect family. If you are interested in fostering one of these wonderful dogs, please fill out a foster application or send an email to gsrca_cw@yahoo.com

Volunteers are needed. You may not be able to sponsor or foster, but there are other things that you can do as a volunteer for the GSRCA. You can help return phone calls, help with transport, do home checks, and follow up visits. You can distribute information and flyers, or help organize fund raisers. You can do shelter walks looking for purebred dogs in need of rescue. Sometimes shelters are unaware of us, or are unable to call letting us know they have a purebred German Shepherd. Many of these wonderful dogs end up euthanized.

Happy Tails Books - Lost Souls: Found! Inspiring Stories about German Shepherd Dogs - is available NOW! GSRCA's own BruJac is the cover (thanks to Dave Echols). Order your book TODAY to see many GSRCA adopter and rescuer stories.

Note: Any participating rescue group can receive donations from any book title sold. Buyers need to select their rescue of choice when checking out at Happy Tails Books . Be sure to select GSRCA!


Dear Rescuers,
We are, of course, still accepting stories, and will hang on to them in case we can do another edition down the road, but our story selections for this edition are complete. I must say, this book is one of our most beautiful yet, with very diverse stories and good photos. Thank SO much for your help! I know it's going to be a great awareness and fundraising tool!


What is Happy Tails Books?

Happy Tails Books is an awareness project started because of a Boston Terrier named Bill. Bill's foster (and now forever) mom, Kyla Duffy, founded Happy Tails Books as an effort to educate people about the joy of dog rescue and the horror of puppy mill breeding. She asks that you please help put an end to animal cruelty and shelter overpopulation by choosing adoption over pet store purchases and understanding the breed before adding them to your family to ensure your new dog is a good fit.

Do you have a great story about your dog? Happy Tails Books wants to know! Your story could potentially be included in a book that serves to:

  • Give adopted dog owners the opportunity to share their dog’s amazing story
  • Educate readers about the breed in a fun, unique way
  • Enlighten readers about dog adoption options through rescue groups
  • Generate funding for rescue groups by donating a portion of proceeds back

Each book features about 30 stories, and the donated proceeds will be divided between the rescue groups whose members contribute stories that get published. The stories can be about the dogs challenging history and happy future, a funny anecdote about something your dog did or any other heartwarming story that people would like to read. Don’t worry if you’re not an “author” – just do your best to get the message across! The published stories will be selected based on their clarity, uniqueness and whether they tell the reader something interesting about the breed or about dog rescue.

The books are appropriately named "Lost Souls Found!" Some of the books for sale now are about Boston Terriers, Golden Retrievers, Pit Bull Terriers and Boxers. Planned books include GSDS (of course), Chihuahuas, Mutts and even cats!
Go to Happy Tails Website to learn more.

Visit this link to the read Happy Tails Books Newsletter

GSRCA is proud to be affiliated with this very important awareness project for rescue and dog adoption! Plus, Happy Tails Books donates a portion of their book sales to participating rescues, including GSRCA!

German Shepherd Rescue of Central Alabama

The Animal Rescue Site


Losing a pet is a devastating ordeal. Many owners are not sure where to begin searching for their lost pets. This page aims to provide detailed suggestions that pet owners can take to recover lost pets. Following the article, GSRCA will provide a current listing of lost and found pets that we have been asked to assist.
Click here for Lost and Found Information

Donate a Bed

Looking for a meaningful and lasting gift for a Pet Lover? Donate a Kuranda dog bed to one of our dogs in the name of a friend or family member. A personalized Gift Card will be mailed to them to inform them of the wonderful gift you have selected for them. Donate Now


Thank you Pedigree Foundation!

A grant was issued to German Shepherd Rescue of Central Alabama by the Pedigree Foundation in November 2009. Their generosity will help us achieve our mission of helping homeless German Shepherd dogs and educating others about the breed. The PEDIGREE Foundation is a philanthropic organization dedicated to helping dogs in need find loving homes. They provide grants to 501(c)(3) dog shelters and breed rescue organizations, and help dog lovers adopt, volunteer, and make donations.

To the Rescue Sponsors and Foster homes... You help by getting these dear souls to an adoptable condition. Without your help, so many dogs would never get a chance to have the loving home they have always dreamed for and deserve.

To all our Adopters... Thank you for giving our babies loving homes. A rescued dog gives unconditional love. They understand that you have saved their life and they are forever grateful. Please send your "Happy Tails" to Petfinder and tell them about your new family member. This lets them know what a great service they are performing and that they are appreciated.

THANK YOU! - to Pet Supplies Plus in Montgomery for your continued support and for inviting us to show our adoptable shepherds at your store. THANK YOU! - to the Petco Foundation for your recent donation of dog food! This helped us tremendously! We would also like to thank Petco in Montgomery for allowing us to come to your store and for including us as an adoption partner.

Thank you Pet Medsfor your generous supply gift - May 2011!

GSRCA looks forward to hearing from you! Please read this important message about your phone call. The phone number listed is our answering service and in most cases you will be asked to leave a message. Phone messages are checked every 2-3 days so if you need a quick response, the best way to contact us is by email. gsrca_cw@yahoo.com Email is usually checked twice per day.

  • If you have a question about adoption.... read our adoption process.
  • If you have a question about a dog on our website...contact us by email. gsrca_cw@yahoo.com
  • If you want to turn YOUR dog in to our rescue...please read the article 'So you need to find a new home for your dog'.
  • If you want to report a cruelty case...contact the local sheriff's department or ASPCA.
  • If you have an emergency, call, leave a message AND send an email. Most likely the email will reach us first. When calling, leave a brief message as to the nature of your call. Please speak clearly so we can understand your name and phone number.

German Shepherd Rescue of Central Alabama
Email: gsrca_cw@yahoo.com
PO Box 640561
Pike Road, AL 36064

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