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Grand River Rover Rescue

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Who We Are

We are a dedicated network of foster homes.
We pull dogs from shelters throughout western and mid-michigan,
take care of any medical needs, and get them into loving homes as soon as possible.
These efforts are completely non-profit.
Any donation you can make to help cover our expenses is greatly appreciated!

Grand River Rover Rescue

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Adopting or Fostering a friend

All persons interested in adopting or fostering must complete
our Adoption/Foster Application for screening.
Once approved, adopters must sign an Adoption Contract and pay the rehoming fee.
This fee is to reimburse our organization for vet expenses
and to fund the next dog who needs our help.

Approved foster applicants must first pass a home visit prior to joining our team.
We provide vetting and food for our fostered dogs.
If the foster home decides to adopt the pet, then you will pay the rehoming fee
and complete an adoption contract.


Some people think it is unreasonable to pay a rehoming fee.
They want a dog to be free or cheap.
We would like you to know that there is no such thing as a "free" dog.
Dogs that come at no charge also come with no vetting.
They have not been dewormed, vaccinated, spayed/neutered,
and have not even been seen by a veterinarian.
Your cost to have all this done to a "free" dog will usually exceed $200,
plus your time to take the dog to have it all done.
Not to mention the effort to care for the dog as it recovers from the surgery,
cleaning up wormy poop after deworming, and
treating your home for the free fleas that usually come on the "free" dog.
And this is assuming the "free" dog does not have
kennel cough or parvo or coccidiosis or heartworm
or any other common disease that comes at absolutely no charge with your "free" dog.
If you cannot afford to pay $ for a fully vetted, healthy dog,
then you are not likely to pay to have the dog vetted yourself.
This makes you an irresponsible pet owner.
If we give you the dog unvetted for free,
then that makes us an irresponsible rescue.
All this usually leads to at least one litter of puppies,
who are usually given to other irresponsible people
or even worse, who end up in a shelter
...and thus continues the cycle of irresponsibility that keeps the shelters full
and leads to the senseless deaths of unwanted dogs.
This "free" dog, and the millions of others like it,
is the reason why we have a pet overpopulation problem
that costs and costs and costs...
but considering what it could cost you,
an adoption fee is a real bargain!

Grand River Rover Rescue
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