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Your donations help to fund spay and neuter and veterinary care and supports rescue, providing services, and saving more lives!
We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, IRS #46-3395854.


Piper Rescued and New Home!

Piper in culvert Piper's New Home

Piper found a loving couple in the North County of San Diego. Friday afternoon was the last leg of her journey. From a culvert on the Navajo Reservation to a loving home in Oceanside and all stops in between, Piper can finally rest her head.

We are so proud of you Piper! Thanks to Kahyun Kim, Abril Rojas, Tamara Martin and Good Dog Rez Q. Piper has been adopted!

Baby Girl Seeks New Home!

Baby Girl"Baby Girl" is being given up by her owner. The owner has too many dogs and BG is just miserable. The other dogs are small and get all the attention by jumping up onto the couch. Baby Girl thinks all that commotion is silly and longs to have a family who values her. She is not being abused, just ignored. Baby Girl is too dignified to make a spectacle of herself in order to get attention so she sits quietly, waiting for someone to notice her. BG is a 5 year old Beagle/Heeler mix and is spayed/housebroken/vaccinated. She is great with dogs/cats/children.and weighs just 25 lbs. We would love to get her into foster care and watch how she blossoms! Call Tamara @ (928) 337-2828 if you could help.



Baby Dill and Pups Piper's New Home

Puppy news! We rescued 2 pregnant moms from the streets this month and both have had their pups. Brioche, rescued and fostered by Susan, had her 5 (so far) pups today. Baby Dill's 9 pups are thriving and moving around their room. Welcome to the world, puppies!


Betty and Redford Adopted!!

Betty New Home Redford's Adoption

Redford and Betty have been adopted! We are so lucky to have the best adopters in the world for these 2 dogs!


Puppies Rescued from Navajo Nation Animal Control

Puppies rescued from Navajo Nation Animal Control On August 4th, 19 pups were rescued from Navajo Nation Animal Control in Ft Defiance, AZ.This is not an unusual number of pups to be at Navajo shelter. This is a normal week's worth. We estimate there are 5 litters in this group.They wouldn't have lived out the day if they hadn't been taken into foster care. They have all been vaccinated and their bellies are full. Thanks to our Good Dog Foster Homes....Susan, Babette and Chris!


No More Chains and Reunited with Puppies!!

Hardscrabble Pups Hardscrabble Mom Reunited with Puppies

Reunited! Remember the 3 the pups who were taken away from their mom who was on a chain? Mom's owner just relinquished her to us! Mom cried and danced with joy when she saw her pups. No more chains, ever.


Lizzie: Good with Kitties and Seeking a New Home

Lizzie with kitty Foster dog Lizzie loves the little kitties. She cleans them and then nibbles on them. The kittens just close their eyes and put up with it. They were found without their mother at 3 weeks so Lizzie's attention must be very comforting. Lizzie is a 2 year old Airedale mix found on the Apache Reservation. She is also looking for a forever home.


Donated Collars and Leashes

Donated collars and leashesWe received a large box of new collars and leashes from Linda C. She also sends us boxes of fluffy bath towels to be used as bedding. We sure appreciate her thoughtfulness!


Wild Dogs

wild dogsTwo feral dogs play on the slick rock mesa of Canyon de Chelly. They survive on food from tourists and one of the park rangers feeds them daily. We would like to trap the female, spay her and return her to her male companion.


Stray Mom and Puppies

Mama and 3 puppies Mama and male puppy A stray mom and her 3 pups were living under a porch in Canyon de Chelly, AZ. The family who owns the porch wanted them gone. So much sadness in such a place of beauty. We have found a foster home for "Minnie" and her pups and Minnie has been spayed. They are all fat, happy and friendly now.


cat cartoon


More Rescues

Kissame "Kissame" was found abandoned by Sanders, AZ. Who could throw away this sweetly smiling dog?


St. John's Pound Kitties Four kitty babies were dumped in the dirt outside of our St Johns, AZ Dog Pound this morning. They are about 20 days old and we are bottle feeding them. We aren't sure if we can save their vision but we'll darn well keep trying.


Kissame This is "Moose", one of 7 Pyrenees mix pups who will be going to Best Friends Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah next week. His mom, who was found as a stray along with the pup's father, stopped feeding the litter when they were 2 weeks old. We finished the job, bottle-feeding goat's milk around the clock for another 2 weeks. The pups are fat, friendly and fluffy. We have found homes for Bob and Betty, the parents of Moose and his siblings. The pups will be safe at Best Friends and homes will be found with families who have experience with Herd Guardian dogs.


Previous News


Who We Are

We started Good Dog Rez-Q in July of 2013 when we saw a need for a new humane rescue that would focus not just on the Navajo Nation but in the rural pockets that surround our tribal areas. As we have seen a downturn in the economy, there has been a surge in the numbers of stray pups, kittens, pregnant dogs and injured animals in our rural communities. Good Dog Rez-Q volunteers specialize in foster homes, believing that proper socialization is the key to adoptable pets. While in foster care the animals receive vaccinations, are vet - checked and spayed/neutered prior to adoption. Our foster homes have years of experience with animal health and behavior. When they feel an animal is ready for adoption, ads are placed on Petfinder and other rescue sites. We have an extensive application for adoption and a home visit is one of our priorities when deciding on an adopter.

Our goals include: Networking with other rescue groups in the area, providing alternate avenues of rescue and foster care. We would like to recruit volunteers who can drive animals from depressed areas to towns who have a shortage of puppies. We are always seeking low-cost spay/neuter clinics and Veterinarians who will help our cause. We will be teaching all willing volunteers to vaccinate and be familiar with basic animal first-aid. Our foster homes are the backbone of Good Dog Rez-Q and we place emphasis on close communication between all volunteers and the GDR board members. All foster homes and volunteers are valued, whether they can rescue 1 or 10 or transport or help with vaccinations, etc. Also, Board Members are also volunteers and provide foster care as well. Humane education for children of all ages is the best way to make changes. Our volunteers strive to teach by example (vaccinating their own and their neighbor's pets, spay/neutering their own pets, assisting neighbors with shelter, food and water when our group has a surplus.) Rather than lecture, we provide examples of compassion and kindness.

Our Mission Statement: "Good Dog Rez-Q is about fostering an attitude of service to the animals on the Navajo Reservation, adjacent lands or anywhere animals are found to be in need of assistance. We also offer service and guidance to our foster homes, volunteers and the community, encouraging people to rescue and foster and providing a place to turn to for encouragement and help."

Our objectives are: to rescue as many stray dogs and cats as our resources will allow and to bring them to a state of health for adoption; encourage and educate the community on the importance of immunizations and spay/neuter surgery for their pets; educate the community on the proper care and training of their pets.

Our group is entirely composed of volunteers and foster homes. All of our rescued animals are spayed/neutered by local veterinarians. We are always seeking more foster homes.

Adopting a friend

We are seeking loving, caring responsible homes for our animals. Our adoption fee is $100 for dogs and $50 for cats. All animals will be fully vaccinated (except Rabies if they are under 4 months old). All GDR-Q animals are spayed or neutered before adoption. Our vet bill always exceeds the adoption fee. Our animals are fostered in the home of a person experienced with animal health and training, so we are often able to answer many questions about the temperament of the animal and how they get along with others in the home. Please contact the foster listed with each animal. Here is our adoption application.

Where We Are Located

We do not have any facility to visit. All of our animals are with foster homes in various towns on or near the Navajo Nation. Contact us for more information on any of our animals, or to arrange a visit.
Good Dog Rez-Q
P.O. Box 2882
St. Johns, AZ 85936
Phone contact: Tamara Martin, Good Dog Rez-Q President
(928) 337-2828
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