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To view our current labradors for adoption, click on the link below or visit Georgia Lab Rescue's homepage and learn more about GLR.
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While GLR gets back up and running, we would appreciate hearing from people that would like to volunteer with our organization. If you are able to help in any way, please send an email to

Our new web site has a very active forum area where you can see dogs that are in need of homes or homes looking for dogs. These dogs and homes have NOT been screened by Georgia Lab Rescue -- we simply put these forums in place to help people in the area communicate with one another. Once we're back up and running in mid-2006, those forums will come offline.

Please note that due to staffing changes and volunteers leaving our organization, the best contact Email addresses to use will be Kim Starnes and Ian Douglas.

Click here for a COMPLETE list of rescued labs now available for adoption on Petfinder.

We had a some great adoptions in the past, and look forward to serving again very soon! Many great homes were found for our lovable labs and puppies. Congratulations to all the lucky dogs that are now in their forever homes and many hugs and kisses to them!!!!.

If you are interested in volunteering for our next fundraiser, please send us an email - we'd love to hear from you.

Click here to view Labradays 2006 Winning Entries:

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Georgia Lab Rescue could only wish to save all these poor souls but sadly, there are just too many out there and we need your help!! If you don't see a lab on our site, take a drive to the shelter. We can personally guarantee that you'll find at least 1-2 labs at any shelter you visit.

Whether by a rescue group or going to the shelter, anyway you look at it - adopting your new family member helps our goal and dream - empty shelters with no more homeless pets! The only way this can be done is through education and understanding. Your pet is part of the family. They should be loved and taken care of just like any other family member.

Be a responsible pet owner by keeping your four-legged friend healthy is easy to do and can be done by making annual visits to your veterinarian's office for yearly vaccinations, rabies, heartworm test, and overall medical exam will ensure that your pet is with you for a long and healthy time. A good diet, exercise, and monthly heartworm prevention is also very important.

Spaying and/or neutering of your pet is critical and the solution in lowering the overpopulation of pets occurring in our shelters today. So many die every day, county animal shelter statistics are staggering. If these animals were altered, the shelters would have more room to help the strays that have lost their way. Owner surrendered pets would have more than 72 hours of hope for a chance at a new home. Currently, most are given 3 days, if the shelter becomes full, they are destroyed. By altering your pet, you are preventing the unwanted pregnancy's of so many different cats and dogs across the country. The county shelters could become no-kill facilities. Humane Societies could spend their time working with their community through educational forums and after school programs. More focus could be spent on issues such as animal cruelty and neglect.

With the winter months upon us remember those poor animals that have been left outside to freeze in the cold with no shelter or protection from the harsh, dark nights. It amazes us that there are still those who feel that their pets love it outside.

We've rescued over 900 labradors and have yet to meet one that chose out rather than in (unless the family is outside, as long as they're with you, that's all that matters.) We've seen many that come into our program that are afraid to go out at all when they first arrive, frightened that once they go out, they won't be able to come back in.

Through education and speaking out, the suffering can stop and these poor creatures would not have to suffer day after day. You can help - speak out for those still left out in the cold. If you see a dog chained or left out in a vacant yard, unprotected from the elements, make a difference, find out why. Contact the humane society and find out what they can do and how you can help.


We are also in need of volunteers to help with our adoption days. If leaving the house is difficult, we also need someone to return telephone messages and do the pre-screening of applications and intakes.

Transporters are also needed to and from adoption days and animal shelters to vet's offices are also needed. Your donation is tax deductible and is used for such a worthy cause, saving a life! We hope everyone had a great summer and even more importantly thinking of a way they can help us save Georgia's labs. We have many eager four-legged kids that would welcome the opportunity to have a family of their own.

Remember, if you can't adopt just yet - try fostering. It is a great way to help out and one of the most needed from our community. Boarding costs can reach $15 day when boarding at a vet's office. We do have a few other boarding options but most times, the less expensive facilities are full (sounds familiar) and you have to go on a waiting list. Sadly, most of the labs we rescue do not have the luxury of time... the more foster homes we have, the more labs GLR can save. Thanks for visiting and please send us your comments and/or suggestions.

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