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All foster animals are adopted to be inside pets only. Adopters must sign an adoption contract agreeing to be responsible pet owners and pay an adoption fee, which is generally $200 for dogs/puppies & $75 for cats/kittens.  The foster dogs and cats are up-to-date on rabies and booster vaccines, wormed, checked for heartworm if over six months of age, and spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The adoption fee helps us recoup these costs so we can take in another homeless animal.  They have been living in a home with one of our volunteers and, most likely, several other dogs and/or cats and are either housetrained or on their way to being housetrained.

Local adoptions are arranged after conversation and agreement between the foster family and the potential adopter. We reserve the right to require a completed adoption application and/or to conduct a home visit and/or to require a vet reference. 

Adoptions out of our local area will require a vet reference and we reserve the right to arrange a home visit by a rescue organization in your area. We do not ship any pets so anyone interested in adopting one of our foster animals must be able to travel to Southeast Indiana (close to Cincinnati, OH) to meet both the pet and his/her foster parents.

 You must be at least 21 years old & the Head of Household in order to adopt from our organization.

Who We Are


Mission Statement
We are a committed, thoughtful group of volunteers who strive to provide assistance for unwanted, lost and neglected animals by providing humane education, veterinary care, animal rescue and by actively encouraging pet population control through spay and neuter.

Helping Homeless Animals Get a Second Chance at Life...
We have a network of foster homes and take in dogs and cats who have been found as strays, given up by their owners, and taken from area shelters to make more room there for other animals.

Preventing Unwanted Litters to Save Lives...
We are also at work to increase the numbers of spayed/neutered animals in our area--the heart of the pet overpopulation problem. We search for funding to assist those who can't afford to have their pets spayed/neutered and educate those people who have not before considered the consequences of their pets' unwanted and unplanned litters.

Assisting Pet Owners in Being Responsible Pet Owners...
Through our adoption outreach programs and contact with pet owners, we take advantage of each opportunity to educate others about the need for responsible pet ownership. We believe that everyone has a responsibility to their pets which demands that each of us follow the local animal control laws, that we keep proper identification on our pets, that we seek regular veterinary care, that we not allow them to run at large, that we spay/neuter them as early as possible, and that we treat them in a humane and caring way. Our volunteers strive to present these ideas when discussing pet care and ownership.

Providing Others with the Opportunity to Help Homeless Animals
We are a volunteer organization and strive to provide opportunities for others to help in our efforts. There are always volunteer opportunities and we are happy to help people get involved, with as little or as much time commitment as they want to provide.


Come Visit Us

We do not have a shelter, all our animals are housed in private foster homes.  Private meetings can be arranged after an adoption application has been approved.



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