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Who We Are

We are a group of deticated workers that have been in rescue and shelter work for many years and have decided that now is the time to join force's.

Our main Rescue's name is Friends-4-life and we will be joining force's with a few other local rescue's. All info will be up soon.

Our goal is to continue with our efforts that include:
*Rescuing and fostering homeless companion animals.
*Coordinating transports, from high kill shelters to safety.
*Providing rescued companion animals with needed Veterinary care.
*Coordinating the adoption of companion animals into permanent, loving homes.
*Advocating the practice of spaying and neutering.
*Advocating rescue and adoption as opposed to the purchasing and breeding of companion animals.
*Using any means within our power and ethical guidelines to stop the abuse, misuse, neglect and senseless killing of companion animals.

Adopting a Friend

The first step to adopt is to fill out an application. Please understand that you may be approved to adopt but you may not be able to adopt the dog you are asking about. We try to match the personality of the animal to the requirements of the home. If you are looking for an animal that is laid back and easy going and you pick one that we know is extremely active we will not adopt that particular animal to you but rather show you other animals that have the traits you are looking for.


Our group has been running a neuter/spay day for the last 3 years and in this time we have had over 1,500 cats altered. We will be running more spay day's for the cat's and for the dog's too.. The info on this will be coming soon.

Volunteering and Donations

Please email us for info if you can help in anyway.

Come Visit Us!

At this time we do not have a building so our animals are in foster homes. We are looking for a building and the location will be posted soon. so for now just e-mail the address that is on the pet's  you are looking at.


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