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Our Pet List

PACC tries to keep this webpage up to date but due to limited resouces and volunteers it may not be updated as quickly as animals enter the Franklin Animal Shelter. If you or someone you know is willing to donate an hour a week to taking pictures and descriptions of the pets at the shelter please contact PACC by emailing us and we will happily keep this web page current for the city and assist the city in finding homes for their shelter pets. PACC is a non-profit animal welfare group that operates separately from the City Shelter but we try to help when we can and one of the ways we try is to keep this website up and running for the city so that the pets can been seen by hundreds. To contact PACC click here to visit PACC's home page click here.

Who We Are

Franklin Animal Shelter is a small city shelter run by Animal Control Officer Roy Richards. We do our best to find homes for every dog and cat that comes through our shelter. We are a "low-kill" shelter, and animals are only euthanized when very ill or due to behavior problems, i.e. aggression, biting. Our services include:

Adopting a friend

Adoption fee is $10 per animal, with a $5 refund after proof of sterilization is presented to the animal control officer.

You must agree to have the adoptee sterilized within thirty (30) days of adoption, or when the animal is of age.

Rabies shots are required to be current on all animals adopted.

A city license is required for all animals adopted to a City of Franklin residence. Available for an additional $10 at the city treasurer's office.

New owners must abide by the city regulations, including:

Although the city does not require the following we do strongly recommends the following for all adopted animals:

Come Visit Us!

Since we are so busy it will be best to call and set up an appointment to see an animal that interest you. Please leave a message and your call will be returned, be sure to leave a time and number to reach you at. 757-562-8605 Our shelter is located at 1024 Prelow Street, Franklin, VA 23851. We are the small building behind the new police station/courts, next to the radio tower.

Franklin Animal Shelter
1024 Pretlow Street.
Franklin, VA 23851
Phone: 757-562-8605

Email: Animal Control

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