East Kentucky Rescue Inc. Collie & Sheltie

East Kentucky Rescue Inc. Collie & Sheltie

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Thank you for your patience.

If you would like to make a donation to help with out with our food, medical costs, pet meds or daily maintainance for our furkids please click our link below to donate via PayPal.

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<****Foster homes needed for Collies and Shelties URGENT. If your interested in fostering please contact me ASAP**** UPDATE****** I'm having trouble receiving e-mails from people with a yahoo account. If you have a yahoo account, and have e-mailed about a dog and didn't get a reply that's the reason. Please use another account to send mail from. ****

Lisa Scalf
East Kentucky Rescue Inc.

East Ky. Rescue Inc. .
Stanville, KY 41659

Our Pet List

We Currently have dogs in rescue that are not online, due to heart worm treatments. This process takes several long and hard months, it's also very expensive. Please consider donating to the medical care of these deserving dogs, all donations are tax deductible. Thank you on behalf of our rescues. .

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Who We Are

We are now 501(c)3 Licensed.

East Kentucky Rescue is a small 501(c)3 licensed rescue group in South East Kentucky. We believe very strongly in responsible pet ownership and strive to give our friends a loving, caring and responsible home. Proper screening of each adopter's application helps us ensure that our friends will be given the quality of life that he/she needs. Along with being a 501 ( c ) 3 organization, we are also incorporated in the State of Kentucky as a non profit group. Our volunteers and board members work countless hours socializing our dogs, as well as grooming,Vetting, cleaning and just playing with our new found friends. We all work just as hard going over each and every application, and updating our web site with any news or new dogs. All applications must be board approved, we do this to ensure that nothing is over looked by a single member. Our love for animals is the motivating force behind our mission.
We welcome out of state adoptions but we won't ship our dogs. All dogs adopted from East Kentucky Rescue must be picked up.

For more info about our rescue and alot of success stories AND OUR ONLINE ADOPTION APPLICATION , please visit us at East Kentucky Rescue's newly designed homepage.


East Kentucky Rescue Adoption Application

Adopting a friend

Fill out our online adoption application.
**ALL DOGS MUST BE SPAYED OR NEUTERED BEFORE ADOPTION** We will place dogs out of State, but a home visit will be made by a rep. of EKR before the adoption is approved. Again.. All dogs adopted from EKR must be picked up... We do not ship or transport our dogs. Adoption fees start at $100.00 to 250.00 depending on the amount of Meds the dog has required and the age of the dog. All East Kentucky Rescue dogs are considered house dogs, we make every attempt to have these dogs house trained at the time of adoption. A fenced yard is also required to adopt. Applications are approved on a " first approved " basis, we have the right to deny any application.

Email: Lisa

"The day may come when the rest of the animal creation may acquire those rights which never could have been withholden from them, but by the hand of tyranny. The question is NOT can they REASON, nor can they TALK, but can they SUFFER?" ~ Jeremy Bentham 1748 - 1832 .

East Kentucky Rescue's Kennel is now completed. Please check our kennel construction page to see our beautiful new kennel.



If you would like to make a donation to help with out with our food, medical costs or daily maintainance for our furkids please click our link below to donate via PayPal.

Our Pet List

There are so many dogs in Shelters and Rescues, please adopt and don't shop.


No Puppy Mills

**Give Hope To The Mill Dogs **

Healing Hands Healing hands are what we bring To this passion of our hearts Taking broken souls and frames We try to heal their parts. We take unwanted from their homes Take the sad ones from the pounds. We lift alone ones off the streets And turn lost ones into "founds." With gentle care and food and love These wee ones learn that life Has much, much more to give to them Than harsh words, hurt and strife. They learn that hands can bring good things Besides hard slaps and fear That sweet caresses, cookies, hugs Come to them when they draw near. They learn that voices can be soft And not hurt their tender ears The angry sounds that cut like knives Are now gone - washed 'way like tears. Sometimes it's hard for us to bear And continue on our way Frustrated there are no foster homes For the dog who came today. We try and make room for one more Within our own cramped space Our own dogs sharing Mom or Dad With yet another sad, small face. How can we cope from day to day With sad stories, extra fuss? We, who have the healing hands… Who is it that heals us? Surprisingly, our healing comes From those we choose to heal The love that's given back to us When our hearts these wee ones steal. Watching trust appear in eyes Once so closed and shuttered in. Watching flesh appear on ribs On dogs who were so thin. Dogs who came, afraid to move For fear they might be kicked Meet prospective parents at the door Demanding THEY be picked When the time has come to let them go Off to forever homes We remember that between new lives and past We are their stepping stones. The ones who come and can't be healed Their small souls can't find peace Or broken bodies too far gone Are to the Bridge released. This final gift that we can give Is one given through our tears. Release is given wrapped in our arms Our love whispered in their ears. The day we cross the Bridge ourselves I know that we will meet Rescued angels who've gone on ahead They'll be clustered round our feet. Smiling faces shining up Bright eyes filled with love We'll know that they've been watching us From their soft cloud beds above. As we helped them in their lives below And taught them love and trust They are now OUR stepping stones - They've now rescued us. Cyndee Walklet

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