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Who We Are

Luv of Dogz Fund Inc. is a 501 C-3 corporation which provides advocacy and resources for rescued/abandoned/homeless dogs We are all volunteers and have full time jobs; rescuing needy dogs is our passion. We are actively involved in rescuing dogs who are in many sad situations or turned in by their owners and helping unclaimed strays find loving, forever homes. We manage this funding and resource effort solely on DONATIONS to help cover complete medical care and foster care of rescued dogs.

If you have a dog you feel you must turn in, please realize that it takes time for us to respond from the time you contact us and email the dog's information. We can only offer courtesy listings. If you need help with placing a dog and are WILLING TO KEEP DOG AND HAVE US COURTESY LIST, WE WILL DO THIS IF YOU ARE WILLING TO DO A HOME CHECK ON ANYONE INTERESTED IN YOUR DOG, HAVE THE DOG FIXED AND GET SHOTS, AND CHARGE AN ADOPTION FEE If you are having difficulty with behaviors and/or training your dog and have not sought help from a trainer/behaviorist, please consider doing so. These people understand dog behavior and can often resolve what you might feel are enormous problems but what are actually very common, solveable issues. See below for a listing of trainers and contact phone numbers that would be happy to listen to your concerns before you give up a pet that can be easily helped!

We are a group of dog lovers, rescuers, and foster home providers who are working together to find safe emergency foster homes and crisis services for homeless/abandoned/rescued dogs. We can assist with spaying, neutering, emergency surgeries and health supplies if we have the resources at the time. If you are a rescue group or an individual and do not have a website, we will be happy to assist you by posting your dog photos and bio on our website as a "courtesy listing." It is something that we do without getting paid at all, so please realize that we are all volunteers with full time jobs and families. Therefore, please be patient and allow us the courtesy of 24-48 hours to respond to you.

Adopting a friend

Owning and loving a dog is an ENORMOUS responsibility for the life of the dog. There is no guarantee that the dog you adopt will turn out to be perfect any more than a child you bring into the world. No one, human or canine, comes with a guarantee of physical and mental health and a problem free life. The most important thing to remember as you make this journey with your rescued dog is that it is a journey that must be made together. Your dog desperately wants to feel loved and safe and to trust you and please you. Be patient and loving and try "walking in his paws" and realize that at the moment he is TRULY DOING THE BEST HE CAN. Take it slowly and celebrate each tiny success and most of all, remember to laugh at the funny moments. Your dog will laugh with you and believe he has done something incredibly wonderful to have made you feel so happy. Play with him; bond with him. Let him know you love him, and he will reward you twenty times over with his love. We do pre and post adoption home checks.

We have an adoption fee to cover rescue and medical expenses. We only adopt to in-state families so we can perform post adoption home checks. Should your home not be compatible for the dog you chose, we mandate that the dog is returned to us immediately. We reserve the right to approve all new adopters. You must be willing to provide appropriate and necessary medical care and seek obedience training for your new adopted dog or puppy. You must agree to keep your dog through all of your life's changes. * Please note that "COURTESY" listings are pets from other rescue organizations who may not have their own Petfinder site. Their adoption fees may differ significantly from ours. Please query the contact person listed for each "COURTESY" pet to learn its adoption fee. Thank you.


602-433-2000 or call Arizona Humane Society: 602-997-7585

Apache Junction Pound

Ken Cares for K9s:
Dog Training and Photography 602-618-0446
Conditioning and situation training, specializing in reprogramming the neglected, abused and shy dogs. Dog to dog and people aggressive dogs and all special needs dogs, using gentle positive reinforcement methods in all training.

Before surrendering your dog call the DogNanny 911 for a 15 minute, FREE On-Phone Evaluation and Tips! 602-753-K94U.
Dog Training Saves Lives!!

Boscoe the abandoned Boxer needs medical help Boscoe was rescued by long time rescuer Trent G. His previous owners were keeping him outside all the time and in the picture there was a distinct limp. Trent took this sweet boxer and tests results confirmed his belief that he has valley fever. His titer is 1:64. On a scale of 1-8 with 8 being most severe, sweet Boscoe is a 6. His infection has settled in his rear ankle bone and that is why he limped. Trent has started him on fluconazole and he will need to stay on it for at least 1 year depending on follow up blood test. Valley Fever meds have produced great results and Boscoe is expected to make a full recovery. He is also being treated for bilateral ear infections and a laceration on his right ear flap. According to Trent, he is a big goofy happy boy and is enjoying his new indoor bed. All donations will go towards his medical care. He will need to get healthy first and then will get neutered and then find his loving forever home. To help towards Bosco's funds, please click on the pay pal link below ">

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