Foster homes, and volunteers to conduct home visits in NJ and Pa needed! Please contact us for info at at

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Exciting news! We are now partnered with the Cherry Hill,Sicklerville, Mt. Laurel NJ Petsmart. A few of our buns will be in the habitat area thru out the week, stop by for a visit, treats always appreciated! Thank you to the Staff, and management for taking excellent care of their guests.

Our adoption applications can be accessed by visiting our second site:, download, save and email back to or you can e-mail and request one, please note due to our application process we only adopt out local to us.

We are in need of foster/temporary homes for a bunny (s) who is living at the shelter, or who's owners no longer can keep them. Please e-mail us at: We can supply the cage, waterbottle, food crock and litterpan. The rescue will pay for all necessary medical. Experience not needed, homes with rabbit friendly dogs and/or cats is ok. Homes with children will be considered on a case by case basis. You can find our foster applications at:, or e-mail forbunnysake@aol, to get the process started.

We do not have a public facility. Our rescue is made up of volunteers who house the bun inside their own homes, until a forever home is found. If you would like to meet a rabbit, or complete a adoption application please contact us at



All of our events will have a few of our available buns who are looking for a forever home, volunteers on hand to discuss volunteer opportunity's and rabbit adoptions. Also, our rabbit, cat, dog, pandora like bracelets, and FBS t-shirts, volunteers on hand to trim your rabbits nails for a 5.00 donation. If you are interested in meeting a particular rabbit, please e-mail us at We will also be accepting donations, timothy hay, and rabbit litter.

currently no events planned but please visit our bunny habitate at the Cherry Hill Petsmart,Sicklerville, Mt. Laurel and the Moorestown Petsmart.

Petsmart Cherry Hill, 2135 Route 38, Cherry Hill, NJ,CHECK BACK FOR DATE

Petsmart Lawnside, 310 White Horse Pike, Lawnside, NJ.CHECK BACK FOR DATE

Petsmart Moorestown,1331 Nixon Dr., Moorestown, NJ. CHECK BACK FOR DATE

Petsmart Marlton, 315 RT. 70 Marlton, NJ 08053, CHECK BACK FOR DATE.

Petsmart Deptford, 2000 Clements Bridge Rd.,Woodbury, NJ. CHECK BACK FOR DATE

Petsmart Hamilton 170 Marketplace Blvd, Hamilton NJ 08691, CHECK BACK FOR DATE

Petsmart, 420 Consumer Sq., Mays Landing, NJ. CHECK BACK FOR DATE

Petsmart Sicklerille, 467 Cross Keys Rd., Sicklerville, NJ 08081. CHECK BACK FOR DATE

Petsmart Turnersville-5857 Route 42 Turnersville, NJ 08012. CHECK BACK FOR DATE

PETCO, 2230 Marlton Pike, Cherry Hill, NJ, CHECK BACK FOR DATE

Pet Supply Plus, 1610 Kings Hwy, North, Cherry Hill, NJ, CHECK BACK FOR DATE

Pet Value, 700 Haddonfield/Berlin Rd., Voorhees, NJ. CHECK BACK FOR DATE


Please note, no on the spot on-site adoptions are conducted. Only homes that have been previously screened and pre-approved will be able to adopt at our events. Not all of our adoptable rabbits will be at the event, if you are interested in meeting a specific rabbit please write us ahead of time, and we will arrange to have the bun available for you to meet.





For Bunny Sake Rabbit Rescue is a all volunteer organization based in South Jersey. For a variety of reasons domestic rabbits end up at the shelter. When the shelter is unable to place the rabbit in a home they are destroyed. For Bunny Sake Rabbit Rescue will rescue the pet from the shelter, owner surrender, and place him/her in a volunteers foster home. Our rescued rabbits receive medical care, are spayed or neutered, handled daily, become accustomed to household noises, socialized with our family members and cage litterbox trained, in preparation of being adopted into a forever home.

All of Our Adoptable Pets




We are dedicated to finding the perfect forever home for each of the rabbits in our rescue. This means that we have some requirements for adoption of the rabbits in our rescue, including indoor only homes year round, for all of our rabbits, and no housing on wire floors, plenty of out of cage time only adopting to homes local to the rescue. We have many reasons for requiring indoor homes for them, and will gladly discuss them with you, and we make no exceptions. We make a commitment to each animal we bring into our rescue to place them in a home that meets their specific needs. In order to assure this placement is the the best match for rabbit and potential adopters alike, we have an application and screening process, which includes vet reference checks and home checks, follow up checks, and a screening/processing period, which can be a few days or up to a week, if we have a difficult time with scheduling (due to foster home or potential adopter schedules). We understand that potential adopters are typically very anxious to adopt a rabbit that they would like to make part of their family, but there is a process to follow and we appreciate your cooperation during the process. We are all volunteers, all with full time jobs, family and other obligations, we make every attempt to respond to you within 24 hours, however, please be patient and understanding if it takes a little longer. (If you have a problem with the process, please feel free to volunteer your time, energy, heart, and finances with us to help change or improve it.) It is well worth the time it takes to complete the process!






For Bunny Sake Rabbit Rescue has taken in hundreds of abandoned or unwanted rabbits - Since we started in April 2004. Check out our newest addition. Bugzy, Caroline, Elana ,Katherina, Stefan, Damon, Klous, Enzo, Hopps, Zeke, Brandon Hopinson, Zena, Maya, Maximus,Doug, Sandy, Starr, Bean.
. For Bunny Sake Rabbit Rescue has found forever homes for 372 rabbits - Our most recent adoption were Klous, Zena, Max,& Starr, BR>.

We would like to send a BUNiful THANK YOU to all our foster moms and dads - without your temporary homes we would not have been able to save so many rabbits - and to our volunteers who do events, transports, home meets, and a whole list of other things that support our cause.

We would also like to thank Petsmarts, who allow us to hold our events and promote our rescue and Petsmart charities who make generous donations through their fundraising which helps us so much. Murray Honig, Esq. Honig & Greenberg, LLC. Voorhees, NJ, for helping us so much with obtaining our 501 status. Finally our rabbit veterinarian and support staff, who have given so much of their time, expertise, care and concern, Dr. Lori Duggan, of Dr Lori Duggan Mobile Veterinary Service 856-357-2240, Housepaws, Mt. Laurel & our web guy, who put together and manages our site. We love you all, and thank you so much for ALL that you do for our rescued guys and gals. Without all the support we receive from you, & our adopters there would be no rescue.


Rabbits are reported to be the third most commonly found animal at animal shelters, right after dogs and cats. As we all know, shelters have limited space, some don't have the resources to care for the rabbit, and that is where rescues come in to place. When you adopt a rabbit through a rescue or shelter, you are saving a life. Rescues can tell you so much about the rabbit's personality, eating habits, health, and housing preferences, which assures a good match between you and the rabbit. Our rabbits are spayed/neutered prior to adoption and cage litterbox trained. When you purchase from a petstore, you are not given any of the valuable, correct information, nor are the buns spayed/neutered or litterbox trained. Plus rescues offer you support and guidance, try getting that from a petstore! So please consider adopting through a rescue rather than purchasing. You will be armed with much more helpful information about your new family member and you will be saving a life.


All potential adopters must complete a application. We require a $50.00 adoption donation, for singles, and 75.00 for bonded pairs, to help de-fray the spaying/neutering of each rabbit in our rescue, along with various medical care some of the buns require when entering the rescue. Once approved, an appointment to meet your potential new family member is arranged, and a home check may be required. All buns are to remain inside the family home, as companion pets, not be housed outside, and not be housed on anything that would hurt their feet, ie, wire floor. As part of your adoption contract, they also require out of crate play time on a daily basis. All rabbits are altered prior to adoption.


All rabbits adopted from For Bunny Sake Rabbit Rescue must be altered at an age appropriate time, approximately 5-6 months. We do accept applications for the babies prior to this time of availability and applications are processed in the order they are received. Potential adopters must realize that there are risks involved with surgery, including death, and must understand that these risks do not outweigh the benefit of the altering.


Many of the inquiries we receive are from people who are looking to find a friend for a bunny that they currently have. If you are considering adding a rabbit to your family for the first time, and have a feeling that you may want to add another one some time down the road, you may want to adopt a pair. Bonded pairs are already bonded! The bonding process can be a lot of work and you need to have lots of patience. Rabbits are very social animals, but they can also be very territorial. We always prepare our adopters that some rabbits may never bond and you must be prepared for the chance that you may have two "single" rabbits instead of a pair. But rabbits that have already been through the bonding process are just waiting to find a home - together! Please consider them. They are often times overlooked because people feel that they do not want to take on the extra work of another rabbit in the beginning. But there is really not much more work and they keep each other company and entertained. One cage, one litterbox (in most cases), one water bottle and one food crock. They really are double the pleasure and fun!

Check out our bonded pairs:

When rabbits are between 4-6 months their hormones become active and they usually begin marking their territory. By spaying or neutering your rabbit he will be more likely to use his litter box, he will be healthier and happier.

Altered rabbits live longer than un-altered rabbits. Typically the life span of a altered bun is 8-10 years, unaltered buns can be shorter. The unspayed female runs a high risk of ovarian, uterine, and mammarian cancers, however spay her and the risks are virtually eliminated. The neutered male rabbit will live longer as he will not be tempted to fight with other animals (rabbits, cats) due to his sexual aggression.

Altered buns are calmer, and more loving because the urge to mate has been removed. They make for better house companions as they are less prone to display destructive and aggressive behavior.

Rabbits are social animals and may enjoy the company of other rabbits. (before bringing home a new bun, please research rabbit bonding). An altered bun can have a friend without risking contribution to the overpopulation problem.

We are looking for temporary foster homes to provide a bun with care, shelter, and love . We also need help with: Fundraisers, and at adoption events. If you would like to learn more about how you can help please contact us at:

We rely entirely on donations, merchandise sales and fundraisers. Sadly ,funds never meet the high demands of keeping the rescue operating, medical care, supply's. Any monetary donation, is greatly appreciated. We are a 501 (c) (3) charity, so your donations are tax deductable. You can send your donation to: PO Box 462, Maple Shade, NJ 08052 or you can donate through paypal, below . Please specify if you would like to sponsor a particular rabbit or if you would like to contribute to our medical fund. Please help us so we can help them! Receipts for donations are available upon request.

Also, donations of supplies are a great help. We are always in need of: timothy hay, aspen or recycled paper bedding (Yesterday's News or CareFresh), and plain timothy hay based rabbit pellets (without treats), treats, rabbit chews and toys (hard plastic baby toys and bird toys work great too), and ceramic food crocks (they tip or chew the plastic ones!). You can drop off these items in our donation box at PetSmart, 1331 Nixon Dr., Eastgate Shopping Center, Moorestown, NJ. The box is located at the adoption center. Also, at our adoption events. We really appreciate it! Donations of supplies are also tax deductable!

Or, If you shop on line, check out Amazon,, or the website, select ForBunnySake as the charity you would like to donate towards and a percentage of your shopping total will be donated to us in your name at no additional cost to you. You can join by following
this link: . Or from their home page, keyword search "forbunnysake".
and you can help by shopping thru Give FOR BUNNY SAKE MERCHANDISE: Want to promote our rescue by wearing and using items with our logo? You can purchase item such as clothing, mousepads, mugs, tote bags and bumper stickers! There are items for our supporters, volunteers, and adopters. For Bunny Sake earns a portion of each sale from our shop. Hop on over and check it out!

Come visit our store on CafePress!


Sometimes owners feel they must find a new home for their pets because they do not have time to give bunny enough attention. Please remember that a pet is a lifetime commitment. If you feel your rabbit does not get enough attention, consider getting your bunny another bun for a friend. Caring for two buns is just as easy as one, and they will be happy together. Please be sure one or both buns have been altered prior to meeting. And because buns are territorial, you should look into introduction and bonding of buns before bringing the new one home. Sometimes it isn't as simple as putting the two buns together, there might be objection from one or both - and fighting can occur - which can cause serious harm. Rabbits can be very territorial, and it is best to introduce new rabbits in a neutral place.

Perhaps you sadly must find a new home for a behavioral reason such as not using his litter box, spraying urine, chewing, or maybe even aggressive behavior that your bunny is exhibiting. First rule out medical reasons for the behavior. Behavior of buns can be helped by altering, understanding your buns needs, some training and a little patience.

Or maybe the novelty of that Easter bunny has worn off. Rabbits should never be purchased for Easter gifts - or any animals for that matter - as the commitment to an animal is a lifetime commitment which should not be entered into lightly. Holidays are the worst times to introduce new animals to a home - because this is when people are the busiest and the house may be even more active than usual. It is better to wait until after the holiday seasons, when your life is at a normal pace to bring a new pet home.

Whatever the reason, we do hope you do the right thing, such as working with your bunny, taking your bunny to a shelter/rescue which is experienced in rabbits, or placing ads for a new home (never place a bunny for free, as many go to snake food, research, greyhound training, or backyard breeding). DO NOT just let your bunny go! That is the worst thing you could do!

SURRENDERS: At this time - we do not have any foster space available to accept surrenders. Please do the right thing for your rabbit and follow the suggestions above for re-homing your rabbit. Contact us if you need help and we can offer you suggestions. If space allows we will take owner surrenders, but we require that the rabbit(s) be surrendered with all of their supplies, food, cage and a $65 surrender fee, all medical records and a signed surrender agreement from you. Please do not wait until the last minute, you will need to be placed on a wait list, it may take months before we can take in your surrender. Please contact us for details.

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Our rabbits are all housed in foster homes - so please e-mail us to set up an appointment to meet us!

We would like to thank our volunteers. You guys are the greatest for helping us and sharing our mission.

For Bunny Sake Rabbit Rescue
Thank you for visiting with us, hope to hear from you soon! - Yvonne & Wendy.
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We mourn the loss of some special rabbits:

Cheyanne, Tigger, Merlin, Midnite, Fabio, PJ, Pizzazz, Scout, Stitch, Sugar, Taffy, Lucie, Blackie, Bandit, Plum, Jessica's Babies, Chai's Twin Babies, Calle's baby, Nick, BunBun, Tangie, Champagne, Annabelle, Cupid, Dusti, Derrick, Morgan, Snowy, Summer, Taylor, Mocha, Eliza, Vanilla, Echo, Alcazar, Einstein, Mr BooBoo Face, Cinnabun, Gypsy, Sammy and her babies, Bogart's Gal Penny, Smudge, Angel's Pal Smokey Boy, Triscuit, BuzzBun, Skittles, Sheba and Havoc. May you all be hopping again in heaven. Joined by our beloved former FBS adopted rabbits who have since passed away in their forever homes. Willie, Dandi, Braveheart, Chili, Sir Smore Bun, London (Rosie) Presley,Sweat Pea, Bobby, Shanny, AlleyBun, Gracie, Fluffernutter, Dutch, Smitten, Peanut Butter, Montana, Mudgy, Lucy Lu, Desi, Peter, Cotton, Jackson, Lovey, Simon, Sandy, Dalton, Hope, Faith, Asia and Eclipse.

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