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Australian Cattle Dog

Border Collie

Australian Shepherd

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Flying K9s Rescue specializes in rescuing Australian Cattle Dogs, Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, or mix of the 3 breeds. We temperament test all dogs coming into our program and will not take in any animal with dog or human aggression issues. We also typically cannot take in any special needs dogs (heartworm positive, deaf, blind, etc) due to budgetary constrictions.

We are also so limited on space that we cannot take in owner turn-ins, there are simply too many dogs on death row in need of our help. Please, please, spay and neuter your pets! Even if you have no intentions of breeding, accidents do happen. And the temptation to get puppies from your "special dog" is just too great. Spaying and neutering will NOT cause your dog to become lazy, overweight, dull; we all own competitive Disc Dogs, all neutered, who are as fit and fun and wild as they ever were! The health benefits of spay and neuter are also great and may help your pet live a long cancer-free life. There are so many wonderful dogs in shelters, so many that we are unable to help.

Who We Are

Flying K9s Herd Dog Rescue is based in the Cincinnati - Dayton, OH and Indianapolis, IN areas and specializes in placing herding breeds, such as Australian Cattle Dogs, Border Collies, and Australian Shepherds, and mixes combining any of these 3 breeds. Most of our fosters are rescued from local and regional shelters when they are out of time; all are temperament tested. We will not accept any aggressive dogs or dogs with serious behavioral issues. We are a small operation, and only take in 1-3 dogs at a time; they live in our homes with us and our own dogs, learning the basics of house life.

Adopting a friend

Adopting one of our dogs is a process; so be patient as we take the time to learn more about you, your family and home, and try to make the right match for our dogs. If you find a pup you are interested in, e-mail or call for more info!

We conduct a phone interview/adoption application, home visit (when applicable), and vet references. A contract must be signed to finalize the adoption. Our adoption fee is between $150-$250 per dog, and covers all veterinary expenses, bail-out fees, travel expenses, and in some cases training.

Herding breeds are not for everyone, and almost always need a job to best utilize their minds and bodies! We want to make sure we find the best possible match for both you and our dogs. Interested in putting that high energy K9 to work? Check out this frisbee dog club, the Southern Ohio Flying K9s, for training tips and competition info! Southern Ohio Flying K9s

Come Visit Us!

Want to see that totally cool dog in person? Please call or e-mail for directions and a meeting time...all of our dogs are being fostered in our homes in the Cincinnati, Dayton & Indianapolis area.

Flying K9s Herd Dog Rescue

Greater Cincinnati - Dayton - Indianapolis area
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Donate a Kuranda Dog Bed!

Looking for a meaningful and lasting gift for a Pet Lover? Donate a Kuranda dog bed to one of our dogs in the name of a friend or family member. A personalized Gift Card will be mailed to them to inform them of the wonderful gift you have selected for them.
Donate a Kuranda dog bed

Our dogs love to sleep on Kuranda Dog beds, but we don't have enough for everyone. If you would like to donate a bed at a special wholesale price for a another dog to sleep in comfort, please donate a Kuranda dog bed.

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