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About Alaskan Malamutes

Alaskan Malamutes are a very people friendly breed and demand a lot of attention. They can be dog aggressive and extremely predatory but are very friendly and excellent with children. Pack oriented, try to establish and test the pack order on a seemingly constant basis. Virtually always extend a tail-wagging, face-licking welcome to strangers. A personal relationship must be developed. They are not as much as a pet as a part of your family. He won't live for you, rather live with you, to be a family member.A Malamute will insist on having a part in all family activities. Not a dog for just anyone... Their activity level is high and they demand daily both a physical & mental workout. Blessed with a sunny disposition. Happiest when treated as an intelligent partner. Highly cooperative but never fawning. Adult rescue Mals readily bond with new adoptive owners. The Alaskan Malamute "desirable" size for males-25 in at the shoulders. Females-23 in at the shoulders. 70 lbs to 110 lbs. A powerful and substantially built dog. Its head is broad, Eyes are almond-shaped, BROWN, NEVER BLUE; chest is deep & strong; Double coat, course guard hairs to protect a dense woolly, oily undercoat. Bushy tail, carried over its back, like a waving plume. Colors range from light gray to black, sable to red. Undersides, parts of legs, feet, and parts of face white. Allowable solid color is white. A large, fenced yard is preferred for keeping a malamute in the city. Even so, they should be walked or given some other form of exercise every day. Although they can readily adapt to apartment living, this means the owner must be very dedicated to providing the proper amount of exercise. Mals that are kept primarily outside the house or on larger property should be provided a sturdy run with a covered kennel or large doghouse. Since they were bred to run, mals also have a tendency to roam the neighborhood or countryside. Never let your malamute "off-leash" as few are consistently trustworthy to commands (unless they wish to be) and are not particularly mindful to road traffic. In the countryside, they may learn to chase wildlife & livestock, or may be mistaken for wolves(or wolf-hybrids) and killed. Alaskan Malamutes possess a strong "prey drive" which is part of the hunting instinct. If it moves or squeals, a mal will chase it - sometimes with dangerous consequences. Malamutes have been known to kill rabbits, squirrels & birds, as well as neighborhood cats. Mals only do well with cats when they have been raised with them and have also been taught to control their natural instincts. Some mals can never be trusted around other small animals, even when raised with them. Mals should be taught caution & control around children. Besides their love of humans, they are also attracted to children because of the quick movements and high-pitched voices ( similar to those of small hurt animals - a natural prey ). No small child should be left alone with a large dog of ANY breed. Mals tend to play rough and, due to their size & power, could injure a child without meaning to.

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Florida Alaskan Malamute Help & Rescue is a non-profit rescue, adoption and education organization for the Alaskan Malamute and malamute owners. We are an affiliate of the Alaskan Malamute Assistance League (AMAL), an independent U.S. national Alaskan Malamute rescue organization. Our organization is dedicated to the protection of all Alaskan Malamutes. It consists of a network of people, all volunteers, who love this breed and who are committed to ensuring that any Malamute which has become homeless can find a good home. We provide foster homes for Alaskan Malamutes, help people who wish to own a good dog, and provide Malamutes with good homes

Adopting a friend

Because we feel it is so important that the right dog go to the right home, we make every effort to find out all facets of each dog's personality. You will be asked to fill out a application that asks you what you are looking for in a dog.You will be asked to sign a contract before adopting one of our dogs. It states that if you are not happy with the Malamute at any time in the future, we want him back! All of our Malamutes are altered before placement. They also have been given all necessary shots, rabies, wormed, are heartworm negative. Many rescue dogs show no signs whatsoever of abuse. In a few, the signs are unmistakable. A hand-shy or rear-shy dog expects to be hit and shies away from an outstretched hand. Some of these dogs cringe at the slightest word of correction. One of the pleasures of rescuing such a dog is the privilege of teaching the lesson that, from now on, human hands and voices mean kindness and love. Much of our work involves rescuing dogs, screening new homes, and matching available dogs to these homes.

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