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About Us

Faithful Friends Animal Rescue is a foster based rescue group. We do not own a shelter. The animals we have up for adoption live in foster homes and live “normal” lives while in foster care. This way, we are able to evaluate their personalities, ascertain what issues, if any, may need work and what type of forever home would be best. Our goal is to ensure that these animals find their perfect forever home so they never have to worry about being homeless again. The animals we have up for adoption were homeless for various reasons. Some come from shelters where they were either surrendered by their owners or where they were taken as a stray. Some come to us directly as strays – lucky enough to have crossed our path. Others come to us because their owners either cannot care for them or no longer wish to care for them. A variety or reasons and in most cases, the reasons have nothing to do with behavior issues. Faithful Friends is a registered 501(c)(3) charity which means those willing to donate to our cause, have the ability to write off their donations. Donations are the life blood of any rescue organization and help us continue saving many needy animal lives. We know times are tough, but even a small donation would help our cause.

Help Us, Help Them

Faithful Friends Animal Rescue is currently working on managing two feral cat colonies in Southeastern Michigan - one located in Novi and the other in Shelby Township. What we do is get a gauge on how many animals make up the colony and then work at trapping them, getting them spayed/neutered and then releasing them back to their original location. This is called TNR - Trap/Neuter/Return. We do this because these feral cats would take up valuable room in our shelter system that could otherwise be utilized for socialized cats/kittens. By getting them spayed/neutered, we also work at cutting down the numbers of feral animals living outside which can breed and produce litters starting at just 6 months of age and producing litters several times a year. In addition, we also provide food/shelters for these animals as well so that is why donations in the forms of food/supplies means so much to us. By receiving donations of supplies, we can utilize our rescue funds to spay/neuter/vaccinate the animals. So if you'd like to help us save many needy lives, please consider making a tax deductive donation today!

Donate to Faithful Friends

If you'd like to donate to Faithful Friends, we could use the following items (note - we are picky about the dog food because it's hard on the dog's digestion system to keep changing brands and some of our dogs suffer from allergies):

- Taste of the Wild - Salmon Dog Food

- Cat Food - Dry and Canned

- Kitty Litter

- Monetary Donations to help with our vet/kennel bills.

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Faithful Friends Animal Rescue
PO Box 71213
Rochester HIlls, MI 48307

Phone: (Toll Free) - 855-PET-RESQ (855-738-7377)

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