Ferret Friends Rescue

Our Pet List

Sydney, Sullivan, Callie, Sam, Seymour


Good news about the unaltered male that we took in a while back. He is doing very well. His testicles had tumors that were malignant but fortunately the tumors did not spread so he has a clean bill of health. He still unfortunately has only one eye. But this DOES NOT slow him down at all. He is as fiesty as the rest of the group. We will be getting his photo on after the holidays in hopes he can go to a good permanent home. We are encouraging all interested parties to adopt ferrets in pairs. They seem to thrive when they have a buddy. We do reduce the adoption fee for people that adopt multiples. .

Who We Are

Ferret Friends was formed in 2002 when I rescued two ferrets whose owner had died. I then decided to open my home to rescue more ferrets. We are also doing a rescue for turtles. If you need to place one or just need info about one, give us a call.

Adopting a Friend

You will be asked to fill out an application and we like to do a home interview. Please remember that this is a process. We DO NOT rush our adoptions. We want to make sure that you will be able to give this animal what it will need and then some. The adoption fee is $100.00 for one and $150.00 for a pair. This offsets medical costs, food, etc. >Volunteering and Donations We accept monetary donations as well as gifts of ferret litter, toys, newspaper.

Come Visit Us!

Please call about visitations at 865-220-0870 Please contact Terri or Mike Stallo at 865-220-0870 for more information. Email: (smikestallo@cs.com)

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