Feline Rescue Of Staten Island

                                               An Introduction  To Pets  

A pet is a household animal kept for companionship and enjoyment. Sometimes people question themselves when making a decision on getting a pet. This may make you ask yourself, What are the benefits of having a pet? Pets seem to provide their owners with non-trivial health benefits. Studies have shown that pets can relieve stress and provide comfort to those around them. The love and affection that these animals can bring to a home is impossible to describe.

How You Can Help

Donations are needed to continue our services. We accept food (cat and dog), toys, bowls, cat litter, blankets, towels and pee pee pads as well as monetary donations. Any donation would be appreciated no matter how small or how large the amount. Please help us so we can help the many animals in dire need of some love and care.



Adopting A Friend

A pet can be a longtime commitment. Those wanting to adopt please be aware that adopting a pet entails loving and caring for it for as long as it lives. A pet can only love as much as it is loved. If you can handle this, please consider giving a animal a home. If you are not ready to give a pet a lifetime commitment, please buy a stuffed animal instead. Otherwise, come into our website and fine a possible match for you!

"Our Adoptables"
  (more coming soon)

Our T.N.R. Process

T.N.R. - Trap, Neuter and Return is a way to keep cats from overpopulating. Please become certified to help your community and keep the animal populations controlled. If you are interested in helping, simply contact us for information. 

A Special Thanks To Dr. Infernuso For Volunteering His Services!


Email: infernuso@hotmail.com

Website: www.tomasinfernuso.com

                                                         "Mayors Alliance for NYC's Animals"      

                                                                    Mayors Alliance for NYC's Animals

Maddie's Fund: The Pet Rescue Foundation
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Feline Rescue is currently being funded by Maddie's Fund. www.maddiesfund.org

Please see our 2010 statistics!


Contact Information


Feline Rescue of Staten Island
Staten Island, NY 


Founder and President
Joann Caro

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Email: felinerescuesi@gmail.com

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