Our Adoptable Pet List

~Currently, special gifts go home with each adoption!~

Who We Are :

At the Fayette County Animal Shelter we take pride in our services and animals. We maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between strays and the safety of our community by having a proactive approach to what has become a perpetual problem, homeless animals. Our services include assistance for homeless, injured, abused and vicious animals; while keeping public safety as our number one priority. The Fayette County Shelter is here to serve, our officers are here to pick up strays, investigate abuse, help find your lost pet, and assist with emergencies (i.e. vicious animals, in-home wildlife removal and hazards). You can rest assure that if we are not able to help you ourselves we can at the very least point you in the right direction. Unfortunately, the Shelter can not function optimally on its own. We need your help in order to find many of these animals homes. If you may not be able to provide a home yourself, you can always do the next best thing, tell a friend. On any given day the Fayette County Animal Shelter has a multitude of dogs and cats of all ages (yes, puppies and kittens too, even some purebreds), sometimes even rabbits, birds, guinea pigs and other exotics. We even work with trainers and veterinarians to ensure that your new adoptee is receiving the best services and you are receiving the best prices.


Adopting a Friend:

Adopting from the Fayette County Shelter is more than finding a pet. Its providing a home to an animal that may have otherwise never had a place of comfort. Its an addition to your family where you can always look to find joy in knowing that you played a part in saving that animal's life. Furthermore, it's saving an animal from becoming a statistic, from being part of the 4-6 million animals (20% purebreds) that are put down in US animal shelter annually because homes could not be found for them. Our staff is here to make sure your adoption is complete in every aspect. We will not only assist you in finding the best pet but give you references to nearby Veterinarians (where you will get 25% off on your first visit) and even absorb 50% of the cost of your pet's sterilization. Our adoptions also go out the door with a free toy and leash and a Homeless Homer Adoption pack. Best of all, we are happy to have some of the lowest adoption prices around.

A Little Something to Know

In the USA, about half of the animals that enter shelters are put down due to overpopulation and a lack of homes; many of those animals are purebred and every single one of them is a little sweetheart. Spaying/ neutering your pet is the best way to help this problem out and allow your pet to live a healthy life.

Why should you "fix" your pet???

-decrease roaming and fighting
-decrease the chances of him spraying (marking his territory with an awful odor)

-decrease the desire to roam
-if surgery done at a young age, chances of humping and fighting are decreased
-lessons the risk of anal tumors, prostate diseases, and eliminates the possibility of a testicular tumor.

-she will not become pregnant
-eliminates chances of developing a uterine infection
-decreased desire to roam and less of a chance of coming into contact with stray cats
-risk of behavioral problems reduced

-keep them from becoming pregnant
-eliminate the time when she's in heat (no mess in the house!)
-greatly reduces the chances of developing breast tumors
-eliminates the chances of developing a uterine infection
-greatly reduces behavioral problems, hormonal disorders, and cystic ovaries.

If you would like to know more about issues going on with animals regarding overpopulation, spying/neutering, and much more, visit HSUS.

Good News!!!
Anytime you adopt, we offer help in finding a low-cost spay/neuter clinic PLUS you receive 50% off. Now that's a deal!

Would you like to volunteer?

We always welcomes Petfinder support volunteers. Applicants must be at least 16 and have some experience with digital photography and uploading pictures to websites. Please contact the e-mail below if interested.

Prices are as follow:
Dogs $30.00
Cats $20.00
Puppies and Kittens $15.00

PLUS: 50% off Bark Busters at home training, 25% off your first vet visit, 50% off your pet's sterilization, and a FREE Dog/Cat training DVD with every adoption!

Adoption Hours
Weekdays 9am - 5pm
Saturdays 11am - 2pm

Fayette County Animal Shelter
1262 Hwy 74 South
Peachtree City, GA 30269
Phone: (770)631-7210