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We all found wonderful homes!

Meet our featured special dog ... Luna.

Luna came to Faith's Hope from a shelter that does not adopt out pit bulls and pit bull mixes. She was only 3 months old and her front legs were significantly bowed, most likely due to early malnourishment. She was also blind in one eye. She is now 2 years old and her front legs are perfectly normal. She is still blind in one eye but that does not affect her much nor prevent her from having a normal life. She is sweet and gets along with some dogs but needs slow introductions to new dogs. She is crate trained and house trained. She is fully vetted, up-to-date on her shots, spayed and healthy. Please consider giving Luna a forever home, she has been looking for a home of her own for a very long time!

Our Vision of a Better Future

At Faith’s Hope, we have high hopes indeed.

HOPE that someday every homeless dog, cat, puppy and kitten will have a loving family.

HOPE that someday there will be no more puppy mills and no more feral cat colonies.

HOPE that someday companion animals will not be sold in stores; no living being should ever be considered “merchandise.”

HOPE that all children will grow up with the love of a pet and learn compassion for ALL life.

Many would say these are unrealistic hopes. But when you are faced with the reality that millions of companion animals are destroyed each and every year simply because they are no longer wanted, our goals must be set high. Getting there will be difficult and it will require a great deal of hard work, persistence, faith, and above all . . . hope.

Faith’s Hope is a vision of a better future for our companion animals. It is more than a rescue. You don’t have to be involved in animal rescue for long to understand its mantra: “you just can’t save them all.” While we continue to save as many as we can, we as a society and as animal welfare advocates must find a way to decrease the number of companion animals that NEED to be saved. We must continue to ask ourselves why there are millions of unwanted pets. And we must find a way to help people make wiser decisions about pet ownership. So, although Faith’s Hope will continue to help some individual dogs find a better life through its unique rescue efforts, it will also focus on the ‘big picture’ through education and advocacy.

Our rescue efforts will continue to focus on those cases that seem hopeless, cases that more traditional rescues would not take on for a number of reasons. Maybe they are too old or too sick or just the “wrong” breed. Or maybe they are those unfortunate souls that have been abandoned by their human long ago and find themselves living apart from human society. Cases such as Holly and Suki. Cases like Cisco. Cases like Yoshi. Cases like Bart. Our focus will not be on the numbers. It is a hopeless task to try to “save them all.” Our focus will be on helping some very special creatures, making sure they get healthy and making sure the rest of their days are spent in the company of a loving and caring family.

On another front, our efforts will focus on educating people about pet ownership —to help them understand that the decision to bring a companion animal into their life is an important one, and should be made with careful thought. Becoming a responsible pet owner requires a great deal of effort, commitment and above all, love. With better information and guidance, more people will be able to make wiser decisions regarding pet ownership that will lead to happy endings. That’s what Faith’s Hope is all about.

Won’t you join us in making this vision a reality?

Our Most Special Dogs

Faith's Hope has always tried to focus on special needs cases. Dogs that need some "extra" help because of their medical condition and who are not always the most adoptable. We have taken 3-legged dogs, deaf dogs, dogs with severe cases of mange that looked more like baby hippos than dogs, dogs with just about every chronic medical condition, dogs with missing eyeballs and broken limbs, "deformed" legs, nerve damage, back end paralysis, bad hips, collapsing tracheas. We even had a narcoleptic dog in our rescue. It takes a very special human to welcome one of these special creatures into their home and provide the care and love they require. Sometimes it takes a long time to find just that special person but when we do, they are truly amazing!

Please check our adoptable list. Right now, we have 2 very special dogs looking for one of those amazing homes. One is Monty, the GSD that was hit by a passenger train and lived! He is permenantly paralyzed as a result of the accident and is a wheel chair dog. And there is also Paco, the pit bull puppy that was born with severe leg and hip deformities. There is nothing that can be done to correct his birth defect so he is also a wheel chair dog. Paco is a wonderful puppy and he has no idea he is "disabled."

Special needs pets do indeed require a great deal of love and devotion from their humans but the rewards that come from caring for one of these special creatures are more than worth the effort.

A Word (or Two) About Pit Bulls

If you have been to a shelter, if you have browsed the petfinder pages, you will notice there are significant numbers of Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes looking for homes. The American Pit Bull Terrier is a truly wonderful breed. A sound Pit Bull is about the sweetest, friendliest (towards humans), most devoted, most courageous, most loyal, funniest, most versatile dog out there. A good representative of this breed can make a convert out of many dog lovers.

But like most breeds, they are not for everyone. The same can be said for just about every breed. Rotties are not for everyone, neither are Akitas, nor Filas. If you have never had a Pit Bull but think you might want to give a home to one of the many thousands needing one, BEFORE you do anything else, educate yourself about this breed. Read about their history, their breed traits, be prepared for the "extra" responsibility that comes along with being a Pit Bull guardian in today's world. Below are a few links you would be wise to visit before you proceed.

The Pit Bull is a "breed above" and requires a guardian who is fully committed to being responsible, knowledgeable and devoted to their special dog.

Is this the Right Breed for You?

Not for Everyone

Below are some excellent websites that provide extensive Pit Bull information. Please take the time to visit these sites and read what they have to say about the American Pit Bull Terrier.

The Real Pit Bull

Pit Bull Rescue Central

Pearls of Wisdom: getting to know your 4-legged best friend

Breedism by Dr. Ian Dunbar

The Myth of "Normal" Dogs from

Adoption Process

Our adoption policies are intended to insure the very best possible match between companion dog and human caretaker. That requires some time and consideration of the particular needs of the dog and the living situation of the humans. A lifetime commitment to a companion animal begins by giving careful thought to the choices you make before you adopt.

Please keep in mind that this is strictly a VOLUNTEER organization and that rescue is done in addition to all our normal responsibilities of jobs, families and caring for our own pets. We would be happy to spend as much time as necessary answering your questions about any of our rescue dogs. But PLEASE be sure you are ready to adopt a pet, discuss your thoughts with all your family members and make sure you are all in agreement about adoption.

The first step in our adoption process is a phone interview. If you email us about a dog you are interested in, you will be asked to contact us by phone. If you do not contact us by phone, we will assume you are no longer interested in that dog.

Based on the phone interview and if the dog you are interested in is a good match, we will email you an application for adoption. You are required to provide us with a veterinarian reference and two personal references.

Once those references are checked, arrangements will be made for the applicant(s) to meet the dog. Please keep in mind that we do NOT have a shelter, our rescued dogs are fostered in private homes. We are all volunteers, we do NOT get paid for our rescue work. So please be patient as we need to schedule our rescue efforts when our many other responsibilities allow.

If everyone agrees there is a good match, there will be a home visit to insure that the dog will be placed in a safe, loving environment.

Everyone adopting a dog from Faith's Hope will be required to sign an adoption contract. In addition, there will be an adoption fee.

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