Welcome To F5RS

F5RS (Frisky Ferrets, Fuzzies, & Feathered Friends Rescue & Sanctuary) is dedicated to the practice and promotion of the idea that life is guaranteed to all healthy, sick, injured, or behaviorally unsound animals where medical and/or behavioral intervention can provide quality of life. At our facility, each animal receives individual consideration, regardless of health, age, prior abuse or trauma, or feral status. We provide care and treatment for all animals as needed, including veterinary care, appropriate nutrition, exercise, clicker training, and socialization with people and other animals.


Many animals have been adopted and found new homes thanks to F5RS, but sadly there are still many animals that still need to find homes. So if you're considering adding a new pet to the family, please adopt a shelter animal.

Please check out our upcoming events--we have several fundraisers and activities coming up in the next couple of months! Also, Sponsorship levels are now online. Thank you all for your support!


Visit and order from Small Pet Select and use coupon code F5RS at checkout. You will get free shipping and our rescue gets 15% of the total purchase donated back to us!

Healthy buns are happy buns, we all know that. Buns are happy because they have proper, clean living areas, toys, healthy food, veggies and other things to keep them entertained. At F5RS, we provide only the best conditions for our bunnies. Our rescue is constantly raising money through a variety of fund raisers to help with this cause. We are now excited to launch "Operation Binky"! It is your chance to help buns by giving specific items. On Amazon.com, you can find the F5RS Wish List. It is full of items that will directly make bunnies happy like toys and play items. There are also items that the rescue needs like paper towels, trash bags and cleaning supplies. Rescue money goes to buy these supplies to keep our bunnies happy and healthy. If you help us by supplying cleaning supplies, then money that would normally go to that can now go towards more stuff to make buns happy. Healthy buns = Happy buns = Happy you because you helped! Amazon F5RS Wishlist

Donate a Bed

Our bunnies love to sleep on Kuranda beds, but we don't have enough for everyone. If you would like to donate a bed at a special wholesale price for a another bunny to sleep in comfort, please donate a Kuranda bed.