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Want to help but you just can't adopt right now? Do the next best thing and sponsor a pet! It costs an average of $180 per pet (often times more!!) for the shelter to keep the animals until they can find a home. Please help us out and sponsor a pet of your choice or there is the option of making a donation instead. We appreciate all of your support!

We have some fantastic dogs that need their forever homes! We usually have a variety of all ages and breeds! If you are looking for a dog, remember that needy dogs sometimes make the very best companions!! Help us give these dogs a chance at a happy home.  

There is never a shortage of cats around here, we have lots to choose from! Big or small, mature cats or kittens, chubby or thin, playful or lazy, independant or affectionate, long haired or short haired and all in between, we will probably have whatever you are looking for! We would love to find them their forever homes, but need your help.


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Featured Pets

Please note that all animals adopted from our shelter are required to be spayed/neutered. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL. Having your pet spayed or neutered means controlling the pet population which results in less unwanted animals.


If an animal is found running at large in the community, the animal could be captured by the Animal Control Officer and put into the City's holding facility at the Estevan Humane Society. There may be an impound fee charged, please note that this fee is charged by the City of Estevan. For more Impound information, please check out our Facebook Page at the link above.


Who We Are

The Estevan Humane Society was formed in 1994 by a handful of compassionate people who cared for the well-being of our fellow creatures. At the shelter, our goal has always been to care for unwanted animls and to give them a second chance. At the Estevan Humane Society, the animals come first. We are an organization that relies on the assistance of volunteers and donations. We hold fundraising events and organize other campaigns to raise money in order to keep the Humane Society's doors open to any animals in need.

The staff at the Estevan Humane Society strive to provide, a safe, loving, place for animals to stay while their waiting to find forever homes. All of our pets are cared for 365 days a year! The dogs have two big yards to take turns running in, and the cats are let out of their kennels for play time. There is lots of socialization time and the staff try to spend as much time with them as possible, as well as the volunteers who help us. The animals also get to interact with eachother as much as possible in order to make their stay a happy one!

We have an awesome board of directors who help to keep this shelter going! They provide us with weekly trips to purchase our cleaning supplies, and other things that are needed down here. They also handle the fundraising and come together to make sure the shelter keeps its doors open for animals in need.

Adopting A Friend

The Estevan Humane Society is dedicated to the well-being of animals and strives to place neglected, abused and abandoned animals in caring, compassionate homes that can provide all the necessities and love a good friend needs. To ensure this, there is a mandatory adoption questionaire for potential adoptors to fill out, followed by a 48 hour waiting period. The questionaire includes basic information as well as more specific information and references that will help us determine the suitability of the potential home.

Adoption fees are as follows:
$75.00 for a spayed/neutered cat
$160.00 for a spayed/neutered dog

If you are from out of town or adopting an animal that is too young to be altered, a $75.00 deposit is required but is refunded once sterilization of the animal has been proven. Adoption fees for unaltered animals are as follows:
$50 adoption fee + $75 deposit (Total $125) for dogs
$40 adoption fee + $75 deposit (Total $115) for cats.

 *Please note that we can accept cash only*


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Come and visit the many potentially loving friends that we have in our shelter. We are located in Estevan's South-east side valley region, where the Brick Yard Wildlife Refuge Park used to operate. Please feel free to stop by either to adopt a companion, drop off a donation or volunteer your time.
We are open to the public from 10:30 to 11:30 am and from 5:30 to 7:30 pm weekdays. On weekends we are open from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

Please support the Estevan Humane Society!

Estevan Humane Society Inc.
Box 1095
Estevan, SK S4A 2H7
Phone: 306-634-3444

Email: estevanhumanesociety@sasktel.net

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