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* * * * * Double L Equine Rescue & Sanctuary’s HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE December 14,2013 from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Come to the rescue barn and meet our sanctuary horses. Perhaps find a unique item for a horse lover on your holiday list. Find out about horses looking for homes. Be sure to visit us on facebook now. HOLIDAY CARDS FOR HORSES FUNDRAISER -THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO SENT THE HORSES A HOLIDAY CARD! iF YOU MISSED IT YOU CAN STILL SEND A CARD ANY TIME. IT IS TIME FOR THE VALENTINE'S DAY CARD CONTEST! YEAH- GET THOSE VALENTINES IN TO THE HORSES FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A GIFT CARD. HERE IS A LINK TO THIS YEARS VALENTINE'S DAY STORY IN THE THE BLOODHORSE. I hope your 2014 is off to a super start. We have been very busy here at Double L Stable Equine Rescue and Sanctuary. Our school groups and our volunteers of high functioning handicapped folks and at risk kids as well as our CWI (Community Work and Independence) folks are in full swing. Early this year we took in 2 adorable donkeys who needed re-homing due to owner issues. One of them turned out to be a doll of a mini donkey and found an amazing home with caring folks. Sadly the second donkey turned out to have serious medical issues and although we fought hard with our dedicated vet he could not be saved. It was a huge strain on the rescue as we were not expecting large vets bills with this intake. This is a risk we take however. Several private folks were helped in finding new safe homes for their horses and our new cupcake fundraiser was tested at our 'Drop in Drop Off' open house. The Palomino and Friesian and Halflinger flavors made their debut and were a big hit. The Thoroughbred will be making it's appearance later this season. Little June started her ground training and is doing marvelous.Her 2nd birthday was the end of June on the summer solstice. Her growth plates are now closed enough so her more formal training will come in the Spring. Her mother Maddie, the abused paint mare, is no longer afraid of every visitor who passes through the stable doors. Maddie attended the Saratoga Horse Symposium in Ballston Spa, NY this spring as a demo horse for the training program taught by Whispering Hooves. Did anyone see the update story on Will the TB in The BloodHorse this year? 'The Cat Who Crossed The Pond And Met A Horse' is the story of how Will, who started life as an almost dead foal here at the rescue, has finally been adopted by a wonderful woman from England -named Cat- and still lives right in Argyle. In the last month we have placed 3 different POA's to keep them from being put down and now some small children are quite happy. It is getting harder and harder to keep things running at full speed here. We know folks are helping as much as they can in any way they can. We appreciate each and every single dollar sent in to help keep the rescue running. We are grateful for each and every can, bottle, and ink cartridge donated for recycling. We feel it is our job to make each gift go as far as possible and that is why I scour everywhere I can for coupons and rebates. With the up coming winter season fast approaching many of us think about holiday parties, fresh baked treats, and the joy of the season with family and friends. We are free to celebrate the holidays with all it's glory. For many of the horses we assist freedom from abuse, hunger, and pain is something they longed for. Once they have it maintaining it takes a lot. Freedom is not free. Once a horse is secured many of them are in for long and costly roads ahead of them. Saving a life is a lifetime commitment. We recently had the opportunity to save a huge amount of money on some very nice Nutrena feed through some coupons we received. We had the chance to get this feed for just shy of $10 a bag! Unheard of right now, I know. That is about half of what a bag of feed usually costs. Very exciting for us! This lucky break was much needed and we are grateful to everyone who jumped in and helped during the summer card drive. KICKING OFF OUR VALENTINE'S CARDS FOR RESCUE HORSES FUNDRAISER AND CONTEST We are asking anyone who can to send a Valentine card to the horses here at Double L Stable Equine Rescue And Sanctuary 9 Tilford Rd. Argyle, NY 12809 with a single dollar bill inside. In case anyone is wondering in the winter months housing 15 equines we go through 60lbs of feed a day and about 12 bales of hay a day -we use 3 round bales a week. Each card will be hung in the barn for visitors to see. Please feel free to post this anywhere you like, pass it on to your email address book and put it on your Facebook pages. If you can't send a note it is helpful just to pass it on. Remember we also collect any Nutrena feed tags so feel free to include tags in your card as well as any coupons you may not wish to use. We will find a way to make them work for Double L's horses. All cards must be postmarked by the end of Feb. to be in the running for the contest. At beginning of March a card will be drawn to win a $25 gift card. Thank you so much for the continuing support, Shannon Holiday Cards for Horses Fundraiser The Horses Double L Stable Equine Rescue and Sanctuary 9 Tilford Rd. Argyle, NY 12809 Double L Stable Equine Rescue and Sanctuary Rescue- Rehab- Retirement- Sanctuary- Placement Argyle,NY (518) 638-6929 HORSE EVENT We are always holding a can and bottle dive so bring any cans and bottles you might have to help the horses. We also are collecting used printer ink cartridges for recycling. We have seen several cases over the past year of horses losing their homes. When their owners lose their jobs or homes or take a cut in hours the trickle down effect eventually lands at their hooves. We have stepped in and assisted dozens of folks looking for help. There are 16 horses wintering with us at the sanctuary this year and with the price of everything going up we need help more then ever. Please remember we don't charge anything to the groups we open the barn to but we still need to cover all of the costs for the horses, the barn, and the insurance for these groups to be able to come to the rescue. No rescue- no programs. It would be a double loss if we could had to cut back. Please help us to continue to help the horses and the folks in the community who count on our barn as part of their programs. . FOR THE LOVE OF HORSES! Show your support for the rescue by ordering a necklace or earings with a horse theme. All pieces are hand made by a Florida artist in her studio. Just follow the link- Double L Stable Equine Rescue and Sanctuary Placement - Rehab - Sanctuary - Retirement Abuse and Neglect - Slaughterbound - Ex-Racers (518)638-6929 DOUBLE L STABLE EQUINE RESCUE AND SANCTUARY HELPING THE HANDICAPPED PROGRAM The rescue horses of Double L's sanctuary have found yet another way to contribute to the world. They are now helping the handicapped. Each week a group of high functioning handicapped volunteers come and help out in the barn. They clean, groom, feed, stack hay, and do any other job that needs doing. This group does not ride, just helps. They are building job skill and learning what it might be like to hold a job. A few of our volunteers in the group do have outside jobs already. The horses love the extra attention and the people really blossom around the horses.

Our Featured Pet...

Right now we would like to feature all older horses. We have saddle trained a 20 year old. This mare is now enjoying the trails and seeing the sights. You can teach and old horse new tricks. Give it a try, you will be surprised!


> Double L is always collecting cans and bottles as well as used ink cartridges for recycling. The money from recycling these items goes to the opteration of the rescue. We are also looking for feed tags from bags of any Nutrena feeds. We send them into to the company and depending on the tag they are worth up to a quarter each. They can really add up.

Who We Are

Double L is a sanctuary first and foremost for the equines of the northeast that need a safe place to live.We deal with abuse, neglect, slaughter-bound, ex-racers, and other 'unwanted' or 'at risk' equines. We are a 25 acre 18 stall facility with lots of open pasture for the horses to run. Each horse is provided its own stall for eating and sleeping and staying out of the bad weather. We got our start with the PaSPCA in the 90's in Lancaster co. Pa and then moved the entire barn to the Adirondack region of upstate New York. The move was made to be able to enlarge the sanctuary as well as the retirement portion of the stable. We still will take in rescues for the PSPCA when called on as well as working with local law enforcement. We also work with a few other rescues to broaden the adoption area for their equines. Occassionaly we do auction rescue as well. If you are interested in sponsoring an auction rescue let us know. Any new horse entering the barn is keep in a quarantine situation untill deamed healthy. Visitors are always welcome in the barn but we ask that you try to call ahead.

RETIREMENT RETIREMENT RETIREMENT The retirement portion of our barn is set aside for privately owned horses that have owners looking to place them in a permenant retirement situation. There is a one time entry gift to the barn and the equine is signed over into permenant sanctuary. The animal will be cared for during the duration of its life as a Double L family member. Each horse will be looked at and considered on its own for entry. The basic guidelines for retirement are a min age of 23 confirmed by vet statement, UTD on shots and teeth, shoes pulled, and in fair health. Each horse has a unique story so please don't be shy about contacting us if your horse is a little young or has a medical issue. I am afraid we can not accomadate stallions. We do have draft stalls available. Each horse can have its own retirement plan to fit its needs. No more ridding. A little excersize. Special feeds. Each plan is taylored to fit the horses (or mules or donkeys!) needs. We currently have 15 horses in living in the sanctuary portion of our operation. Retirement space is limited so please don't delay. The sooner you contact us, the shorter your wait will be.

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HOW WE OPERATE Double L Equine Rescue and Sanctuary is operated totally on gifts and donations. Donations of any kind are always welcome. Supplies such as hay and grain and supplements are wonderful. Don't know what to buy or what is needed most? Cash is always a welcome donation. We can used it where it is needed the most in the barn. No donation is too small. Even a single dollar will buy a salt lick! Check can be made out to Double L Stable Equine Rescue and mailed to -9 Tilford Rd. Argyle, NY 12809.

Adopting a friend

Equines that are available for adoption are adopted into approved homes only and have adoption contracts. They may not be sold, given away, or bred. They may not be moved form the approved home into a new home without the rescue being notified so the new home can be approved. Most of the horses are adopted out for little or no fee, but some of the riding horses are adopted out for a fee ofaround $500 or less. We will not approve a home with barbed wire fence! Most TBs now have a 2 year contract. Many of the horses we are placing lately are private owner horses looking for new homes. No contract usually and no fees.

Come Visit Us!

PLEASE CALL AHEAD TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR A VISIT! Directions to the farm can be obtained by giving us a call. We love to talk horses! 518 638 6929 or drop us an email at
Double L Stable Equine Rescue and Sanctuary

Argyle , NY 12809
Phone: 518 638 6929

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