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Before adding a Great Dane to your family - PLEASE do some research. This is a giant breed that can have giant issues in terms of medical, behavior and training. Plan on investing plenty of time and resources into making sure your dane receives a quality diet, regular vetting, and consistent training and socialization. While the stereotype of a dane being a GENTLE GIANT generally holds true, this happens most often when their owners dedicate PLENTY of time and effort into getting them to that point. An un(der)-trained and non-socialized dane quickly becomes a nuisance and liability -- which is the hallmark of how many young danes turn up in rescue. There are so many resources available these days via the internet and social groups with the same breed or interests (like obedience, hiking, dock diving, rally-o, etc) -- take advantage of all the info you can find !

There are many wonderful Great Danes seeking adoptive home throughout Florida and Georgia. We keep a continuous link listed under our Petfinder account providing information to local shelters where danes do turn up. We encourage anyone seeking a dane to visit these shelters directly if it is close to them, since many shelters can be overwhelmed by processing pets and calls. By going there directly, you can see first hand what is available. While at a shelter, inquire about any programs they have like a pet wish list -- where potential adopters list themselves as potential homes if a certain breed or breed mix comes into the shelter.

We continue to be a resource for dane owners and will try and assist them with working through any issues they are having - for FREE. So if you or someone you know is considering giving their dane up to a shelter or re-homing it, please refer them to us and we will see if we can assist them in keeping their dane and/or offering referral to local resources such as trainers (we prefer positive methods) and qualified behaviorists. We also still list danes as a courtesy and passive resource for individuals needing to re-home a dane (certain guidelines apply).

Below is a link to a group in the Jax area for both current, new or prospective dane owners. The group currently has over 400 members, so it can be a GREAT place to meet others who love danes, network and be a support system for anyone experiencing either a medical, training or even behavioral issue. Or simply share what silly thing your dane did this week !

Jacksonville, FL local dane owner's meet up group - also on Facebook

In addition to the local dane meetup, please consider visiting these links for further breed information - both national and local :

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Please e-mail for further info. Returning calls takes longer and when time allows, we only return long distance calls collect.

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