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ATTENTION!!!! Our e-mail address has changed. patterso-mike@att.net The first step in adopting from us is completing an application - after we've reviewed your application & references, we will help you find a Dalmatian who will be the best addition to your family. The following information is required on the application and can be sent in to speed up the process. We also require a $150 adoption fee which help us to cover spay/neuter, shots and heartworm testing. 1) Your Name 2) Your Address 3) Type of Dalmatian you prefer: indoor/outdoor dog, male/female, age 4) List your current pets -- names, ages, type 5) List your former pets -- names, what happened to pet (died, given to friend, shelter, etc.), type -- 6) List your vet -- name, location & phone number 7) List one personal reference -- name, phone number, relationship to you 8) Briefly describe what type of Dalmatian you want 9) Briefly describe where the pet will be kept during the day and at night 10) List number of people & ages of household members

When considering adopting a Dalmatian or any pet, please research the breed and your current situation - for example, in general Dalmatians are not the best pets for families with very young children, as they have a lot of energy and require a lot of attention... prior to getting a puppy, please remember puppies stay puppies for a very short time period & they do require a lot more work -- most animals in rescue are the result of people buying puppies and not being able to handle all of the problems/work associated with puppies - among of the many advantages of adopting an adult Dalmatian: 1) Their personality is developed & they've had some training, reducing the risk of having behavorial problems; 2) Puppies love to dig, chew, destroy and need a lot of work to be housebroken - most of our adult Dals are housebroken & have some training and while they will need on going training & guidance from you - they are much less destructive than puppies & much easier to train; 3) Dalmatians stay puppies their whole life - they get bigger, but they stay puppies at heart and will be as playful & more loving as they age -- one of the reasons so many Dals are dumped at shelters is their owners can not handle the work needed to provide the love, affection & training the puppy like Dals need; 4) Shelters generally can find homes for the Dal puppies (unfortunately many end up back in shelters within a short period of time), but most people are not willing to adopt an adult Dalmatian


Thanks to a student in Kentucky for adopting Bess.(2007)

Thank you for our recent adoptions: Beau, Sarg and Cooper(2006)

Thanks to a great family for adopting Cece!! Living it up in Indiana!(2007)

Who We Are

Our mission is to help rescue abandoned & unwanted Dalmatians -- if you would like to help, please contact us to adopt or foster a dalmatian -- we do require an application & contract be completed for all adoptions & there is a small adoption fee to cover the expense of spay/neutering & vet care (shots, etc.)

Adopting a Friend

We always have several great adult and young Dalmatians available for adoption -- please contact us!

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What You Can Do

There are 70,000 dogs & cats born each day in the US, compared to 10,000 people born -- with these numbers, too many wonderful pets are without homes and are ultimately destroyed. A few simple things you can do to improve the situation:

Adopt Your Pets: many wonderful pets are available for adoption from shelters and breed rescue groups -- as you can see from our pet listing, we have several loving Dalmatian friends that need good homes/families. There are several Dalmatian breed rescue, animal shelters and other breed rescue groups throughout the US -- mixed breeds are great pets and need homes, too.

Spay/Neuter Your Pets: spaying and neutering is key to reducing the pet over population problem -- even if you are able to find homes for the pets you breed, the future litters from these animals continues the over population cycle and the homes found for purposely/accidently bred pets reduces potential homes for animals in shelters/rescue.

Educate: many people are not aware of the pet over population problem or the availability of great pets through breed rescue and animal shelters -- by spreading the word, you will help save lives.

Treat Your Pets as You Would Like to be Treated: pets are God's creatures, too & deserve to be loved and treated as such. Before adopting or buying a pet, make sure that the pet is right for your family and you are ready to make a life long commitment to him/her. Too many people buy/adopt pets only to find out it does not fit their lifestyle (or changes in life, such as the birth of a child) and then decide they are not willing or ready to care for their pet -- which contributes to the thousands of pets that are "put to sleep" every day in our country.

We are located just west of Nashville, TN, and can arrange transport of Dalmatians to qualified homes

Dalmatian Rescue of TN

Email: patterso-mike@att.net

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