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The City of Poughkeepsie Animal Control Unit has an adoption program for dogs in need of homes.  Strays that are found will be spayed or neutered and immunized.  An adoption fee enables us to provide basic veterinary care to these animals.  Dogs become eligible for adoption after they have been in the City’s care beyond (7) seven days from the time we take them in.

You must fill out an application and be approved to adopt. Click the link below to find out more and to download an adoption application. 


Either fax (845) 475-9400 or email to animalcontrol@cityofpoughkeepsie.com a completed adoption application.  

Adoption Services

Dogs that are available for adoption can be viewed on our Petfinder.org page.  Meet and greets are required with all members of the family present especially children and current family dogs.  Dogs that are up for adoption can be seen Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.  If later hours or a Saturday is a necessity that can be arranged.  All meet and greets are by appointment only so please contact the Animal Control Officer by phone 845-451-4139 or email animalcontrol@cityofpoughkeepsie.com to arrange a date and time.  

Our adoption fee is $100.00 inclusive of all age appropriate vaccinations, spay/neuter, and heartworm/tick borne illness testing with treatment included if needed.

Feel free to send in an adoption application to become pre-approved with a "wish" list of type of dog and temperament desired.


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The Animal Control Officer is responsible for providing timely rescue and confinement of stray, exotic and quarantine animals in the community. The Animal Control Officer also provides services that address public health and safety issues involved with stray and abandoned animals. In addition, the Animal Control Officer assists in training and educating the community on animal care and licensing ordinances.

For information on obtaining a dog license, please contact the City Chamberlain.


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