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Kitten and Cat Adoptions at the Trinity Petsmart Store

Countless Cats Rescue has partnered with Petsmart Charities to showcase our adoptable kittens and cats at their Petsmart store on Little Road in Trinity (Mitchell Plaza - corner of SR 54 & Little Road) on Saturday & Sunday afternoons. Kittens & cats will be available for adoption between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. in the middle isle of the store. Please stop by and consider adopting one (or more) of our adorable kittens and beautiful cats awaiting their forever homes. All kittens and cats have been spayed/neutered, received a rabies vaccination (if over 3 months old), a FVRCP-C (commonly referred to as distemper) vaccination and are current on flea preventative, have been dewormed, nails trimmed and ears clean and clear at present. A adoption donation is requested. Thank you for adopting a rescued kitten or cat.

Saving one pet won't change the world but surely the world will change for that one pet - Unknown

Countless Cats Rescue, Inc. Can Now Accept Donations Through Paypal

Please consider donating today to help spay homeless community cats tomorrow - Thank you.


Countless Cats Rescue, Inc. (CCR) is an aggressive TNR (trap, neuter, return) organization with a mission to lowering the over population of stray and feral (unsocialized) cats by decreasing their numbers humanely with the only proven solution used worldwide - TNR. We are NOT a shelter and we do NOT accept public intake of animals. We are an all volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the care and protection of homeless and abandoned cats, and to making this the last generation of stray cats born to the streets of our community by educating the public in responsible pet ownership to spay/neuter their pets. CCR provides TNR services to residents within southwestern Pasco County, north Pinellas County and the Upper Tampa Bay Region.


Many stray and feral cats will likely never have the chance to be anyone’s pet. We believe that these animals have as much right to life as any other creature. They are the result of society’s practice of abandoning unwanted cats that have not been spayed or neutured. Left to fend for themselves, they quickly revert to a wild state where reproduction is uncontrolled and inbreeding occurs. They and their offspring lead miserable lives and are often the target of abuse, suffering slow horrible deaths from preventable diseases, parasites, starvation, predators or accidents. People who do not spay/neuter their pets contribute significantly to the over population problem, which negatively affects the entire community. Please spay/neuter your pets. Thank you.

One female and one male cat can produce almost 5,000 offspring in their life span. The problem is catastrophic.

RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERSHIP - Spaying or neutering your cat provides many medical benefits as well as preventing pet overpopulation. Your cat is more content and less likely to roam, fight, mark territory or develop uterine, mammary or testicular cancer. As a responsible pet owner, have your cat spayed or neutered.


Please call the clinic directly (or visit their websites) for available services and current prices.


Animal Coalition of Tampa (ACT)

502 North Gilchrist Avenue

Tampa, Florida 33606

(813) 250-3900

Provides trap rentals and feral cat services.

Humane Society Of Tampa Bay - The Animal Health Center

3809 North Armenia Avenue

Tampa, Florida 33607

(813) 870-3304

For TNR and/or trap rental information please call (813) 625-0910. Every Monday HSTB offers a Feral Cat Clinic.


Animal Hospital of Regency Park

7741 Congress Street

New Port Richey, Florida 34653

(727) 848-6247

Humane Society of Pasco

14945 Harmon Drive

Hudson, Florida 34610

(727) 857-0021

PAWS Spay & Neuter Clinic

11720 US Highway 19

Port Richey, Florida 34668

(727) 819-1910

Provides feral cat services.

Petluv Non Profit Spay and Neuter Clinic

7348 Broad Street

Brooksville, Florida 34601

(352) 799-9990

Provides feral cat services.

Planned Pethood

5053 Gall Boulevard

Zephyrhills, Florida 33542

(813) 779-7000

Provides feral cat services.

Spay Pasco

P.O. Box 506

San Antonio, Florida 33576

(352) 585-6205

Offers a voucher program for low-income/public assistance individuals utilizing various veterinary offices throughout Pasco County.

SPCA Suncoast 7734 Congress Street

New Port Richey, Florida 34653

(727) 849-1048


Pinellas County Animal Services - Offers a low-cost feline spay/neuter program for Pinellas County residents on public assistance.

Humane Society of Pinellas

3040 State Road 590

Clearwater, Florida 33759

(727) 797-7722

Pet Pal Animal Shelter

405 22nd Street South

St. Petersburg, Florida 33712

(727) 328-7738

SPCA Tampa Bay

9099 130th Avenue North

Largo, Florida 33773

(727) 586-3591

SPOT Spay/Neuter Clinic

4403 62nd Avenue

Pinellas Park, Florida

(727) 329-8657 or (727) 329-8658

Suncoast Animal League

1030 Pennsylvania Avenue

Palm Harbor, Florida 34683

(727) 786-1330

The Spay & Neuter Clinic of Pinellas County

1710 Drew Street - Suite 7

Clearwater, Florida

(727) 447-PETS

Countless Cats Rescue, Inc.
PO Box 3305
Holiday, FL 34692


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