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Like every rescue group, we need food, money, and foster homes! We're always looking for foster homes and volunteers in the Central Texas area. This includes San Antonio, Austin, and surrounding areas. Please contact us if you can foster a dog from time to time! I desperately need foster homes to save the Danes and Corgis in need!

At this time, we are mostly doing referral. We are very limited on the number of animals we can take in or care for at this time, but we will do our best to help you, whether you're looking for a pet or looking for someone to take a pet.

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If you wonder why you see so many "other" breeds on the website, it's because I do help owners of other breeds when they need to rehome their pets. I have several mixed-breed dogs here that I desperately need to find homes for so I can help more Corgis and Great Danes.

A word about Corgis: Corgis shed, they bark, they herd little kids, they shed, they need a job to do, they do not obey without question, they shed, they may eat things that they shouldn't eat, and, yes, they do shed!

Helping Udders is a great organization that makes dog toys out of recycled milking materials, and donates 25% of the proceeds to dog rescue organizations. Click below, and if you buy any toys, a donation will be made to CorgiAid (

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Who We Are

An independent rescuer (working on a 501(c)3) dedicated to saving the lives of Welsh Corgis (both Pembrokes and Cardigans), Corgi mixes, and Great Danes. At this time we cannot take on Great Dane mixes. We are loosely allied with other Corgi rescuers, both club-affiliated and independents, and other Great Dane rescuers, in Texas and around the country. We are founding members of both Citizens for Pound Reform and Alamo Area Partners for Animal Welfare.

Adopting a friend

Please call or email, and I will send you an adoption application form. I check your references, and if at all possible visit your home prior to or at the same time I place the dog. I try to match dogs and families/owners. I want each placement to be permanent, and I want the dogs and owners to be happy with each other and compatible with the match.

Come Visit Us!

Please call (512) 262-0297 if you would like to see some of our animals.
CorgiDane Rescue
100 Granite Shoals Dr.

Kyle, Texas 78640
Phone: (512) 262-0297 Cell Phone: (210) 744-3373

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We have joined Paws for Courage, a network of rescuers and shelters who will provide shelter for pets of victims of domestic violence while the victims are in domestic violence shelters. If you or someone you know is in a violent situation and is afraid to leave because domestic violence shelters don't accept pets, please click here:

CorgiDane Rescue is a member of AAPAW, Alamo Area Partners for Animal Welfare. For more information on AAPAW, and how we are trying to help animals in the greater San Antonio/Bexar County area, please go to

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