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Desperate Plea!

We are in DESPERATE need of foster homes. Please email Giselle at or call (504) 481-1145. Read more about FOSTERING below. ALSO, one of our goals is to keep pets out of shelters if there are situations where individuals need to surrender pets, we may be able to help...especially if the pet/s has been well cared for and/or if the current owner is willing to foster until placement. If you need to surrender an animal, please contact us.

Every Pet is "Pet of the Month!"

All of our wonderful pets for adoption are equally deserving of loving forever homes, so it's just too hard to pick out one or two to feature here.

Who We Are

We are a small non-profit rescue group for pets based around foster homes. We have no central shelter but will always be happy to show our pets. Please get in touch with the person specified for each pet.

Adopting a Friend

There is an adoption fee on all of our pets. This fee varies from pet to pet, so again, please get in touch with the person specified in each post. However, it generally costs a lot more than what is asked in the adoption fee to rescue each pet, and we rely on donations from adopters and also from those looking to help in other ways. We adopt on a "trial basis" which means that if you adopt and things don't work out, you must return the pet back to us, and we will refund your adoption fee. We require a vet reference and a home check for adoptions. Potential adopters will also either be asked to fill out an adoption form via email or to interview over the phone depending on the specified contact person or pet. Out of state adoptions are not going to be likely with this group. Because we are a small group, we check up on the pets that have been adopted because so much time and energy has gone into them. The situation will be evaluated and considered though if the circumstances are perfect for the particular pet. Via the hundreds of dollars we spend on vet bills, please understand that Companion Pet Adoption reserves the right to turn down any potential adopter that we do not see fit to adopt a pet.

Can't Adopt? There are other ways to help!!


We are ALWAYS in need of new temporary foster homes. We look for foster homes that can provide a loving and safe environment for all of our wonderful pets as they await adoption. Food and medical care are provided for all foster pets! We also accept any food donations or other supplies that are needed for our foster homes. If you might be at all interested in this, please contact us. Even if you would just be able to hold a pet for a couple of weeks, this could make a huge difference in what we're able to rescue. It's also a great way for those not sure of how a permanent job or living situations will be to help out and enjoy the companionship of pets without a full committment.


We can always use financial assistance. As mentioned above, we usually spend more on each pet than we ask in the adoption fee. If you see a pet that you would love to help us out with but can't adopt or foster, you can donate to help that pet. The rescue organization is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, so donations are tax deductable. Please call or email me for instruction on donating. As also mentioned above, food donations for our foster homes are greatly appreciated. Even the smallest $ amounts are appreciated. All money donations are tax deductible. 100% of donations go DIRECTLY to the animals by way of vet bills, boarding fees and food. We don't have paid employees or anything like that, so you can be assured that your donations will benefit the animals and solely the animals. Vet invoices furnished upon request.

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Companion Pet Adoption
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