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Services Offered

Central Minnesota Animal Care and Control serves the municipalities, and the communities, of the Central Minnesota area.

Services Offered To Municipalities:
  • 24 hour municipal access
  • In-house sheltering
  • Emergency animal control field work
  • Emergency safekeeping
  • Animal emergency assistance
  • Animal cruelty/neglect cases
  • Animal adoptions
  • Animal licensing and ordinance enforcement
  • Animals that have bitten/ rabies quarantine
  • Rabies suspect sample processing for testing

Services Offered to the General Public:

  • Surrenders - - (Please call for availability: 320-257-0103)
    Finding it difficult to rehome your pet? Don't have the time to find your pet a new furrever home?

    Central Minnesota Animal Care and Control currently has room for animals and is accepting surrenders*. All healthy, adoptable animals can stay until a suitable home is found. There is NO time limit. We offer the animals full veterinary care, premium food, toys, and spacious amenities while in our care. If you think that this may be a good option for you and your pet, please call, or email to ask questions or set a surrender appointment:
    320-257-0103 or
    *surrender fees may apply

  • Animal adoptions
  • NEW* Canine DNA testing! "Find out the breed of your dog!"(s)
  • Microchipping
  • Animal vaccinations, surgeries and check-ups available through Sauk Rapids Veterinary Pet Care, on site:

  • "Sauk Rapids Veterinary Pet Care"
    Please call (320)-257-2209 to schedule appointments. (Please do not call CMACC)

At CMACC, good pet nutrition is important. What do we feed our shelter and foster pets?
We Recommend - Hill's Pet Food Official Logo - Hill's Nutrition Official Badge

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