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Who We Are

Cat Rescue Network (CRN) is a non-profit, volunteer driven organization established in 1999 that is committed to rescuing abandoned and feral cats overlooked by the city's animal welfare services. As we do not have a facility, all of the cats we rescue live with volunteers in their homes (foster families) until they are adopted. Due to our lack of "overhead" we are able to put all donations towards the medical bills of our rescues.

Louise Hindle, the founder of Cat Rescue Network, has been involved in animal rescue for over 20 years. The primary goal of CRN was and is to give neglected animals a second chance at finding a loving home. Louise also wanted to bring animal rescues together to help one another by sharing resources - this precipitated the name Cat Rescue "Network". We often work with start-up animal rescues to promote ethical rescues and ensure they have the tools and information necessary to begin humanely helping the animal population.

There are hundreds of homeless kittens and cats in our region. Human apathy and neglect have forced them to forage for survival. They congregate in parks, wooded areas and alleyways; anywhere they can find food and shelter. Left to fend for themselves, their lives are a constant struggle against the cold, disease, accidents and predators. A common misunderstanding when someone sees a cat on the street is that they are wild and undomesticated. In fact, many of these cats are lost or abandoned - friendly, domesticated animals who desperately need someone to stop and help them.

The good news is that Cat Rescue Network is trying to save these animals from a miserable and lonely existence. With your help we can get these cats off the streets, out of dangerous environments, and into foster homes where they'll receive the medical treatment they need before being adopted into a loving forever home.

Thank you for making a difference!

A Christmas Message from a Foster Family

CRN: Thank you for stepping in and helping me so quickly after we rescued this beautiful kitty. We will miss him but we are thrilled that Christmas has come early for him and his new forever family. Keep up the outstanding work and service to these furry babies as they would be lost without you.

To read more about Snow and see photos, please visit our blog at www.catrescuenetwork.org

Cat Rescue Network Cat Rescue Network
Email: flora_louise@yahoo.ca
Website: www.catrescuenetwork.org

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