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Carolina Poodle Rescue is a no-kill/limited entry private rescue and sanctuary. Our goal is "one by one, until there are none." While we focus our efforts on poodle and poodle mixes, we will work with other breeds as space and resources allow. We provide sanctuary as well as rehabilitation to the animals in our care. Our goal is to place the best possible fit for you and your lifestyle into your home. If we can not find a perfect fit for a dog in our care, we provide lifetime sanctuary care for that animal.

Our efforts are funded solely through adoption fees and donations. We receive no government or public entity funds. To find out how to support our efforts, please visit our Poodle Patrons webpage.

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In addition to the dogs listed on Our Pet List, there are many others whom we have just received, and whose profiles are not yet listed.

We do not have these "new kids" posted yet because we have to:
* Have the vet check them thoroughly
* Give Annual shots
* Do Heartworm checks
* Neuter/Spay
* Groom
* Evaluate personality/disposition

All of this takes time and money. BUT by the time you have filled out the application form and gone through the references checks, telephone interview and home visit, chances are one of these wonderful dogs will be ready for you to come and get him/her.

See some of our CPR dogs by clicking on Barney's picture below!

Please note - we have two firm rules:

(1) We do not adopt our pets to homes where children under 5 years old live. Please see our letter regarding this. It is for the safety of the child and the pet.

(2)We do not adopt standard poodles to homes that do not have physical fences (underground or electronic fences are not considered sufficient).

We prefer to adopt to homes in the Southeast but have had successful long distance adoptions. Much of the key is if you, as guardian, are willing to take an active role in transport of your new friend.
More information about CPR and our adoption process is available at our CPR Website
Looking for our online application? Click here for our Online Application
Please scroll down for other important information.

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Signs come in Black, White, Silver and Cream colors

Designate Carolina Poodle Rescue and we receive 20% of each purchase . Dog is approx. 11" tall and is made out of durable MDO (marine density overlay) which is what billboards and boats are made from. They come with a piece of steel conduit strapped on the back, so it is easy to insert into the ground.
Cost is $15.00 plus $5.00 shipping in US funds only. Int'l shipping will be higher, please e-mail Email: for more information. Designate Carolina Poodle Rescue as referral and send payment to ~~ Ann Plogger, PO Box 267, Pawnee, IL 62558

Support Carolina Poodle Rescue with a Paypal Donation. Mastercard and Visa, or direct check withdrawals can be made at Paypal. Be sure to send your donations to Please visit our website for more information.

Want references?

We are happy to provide references upon request.

Rescue application:

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued dog. Once your application has been received and approved, we will do everything in our power to assist you in adopting a companion that will be an excellent fit for your family and truly your forever dog. Please click here for our application.

If you would like to see other great poodles available for adoption in the Carolinas, visit Central Carolina Poodle Club Rescue Central Carolina Poodle Club Rescue

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