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CARA -- Community Animal Rescue & Adoption, Inc., is a True No Kill animal shelter located in Jackson, MS, that cares for an average of 300 dogs and 120 cats daily. We do not receive any funding from the city, county, state or federal government and operate exclusively through the generosity of our community by private donations from individuals, businesses, & fundraising events. Our primary goals are to place our adoptable pets in loving, caring homes and to educate the public on responsible pet ownership including why spay/neuter is so important. Please donate to our cause and volunteer as we strive to better the lives of pets in Mississippi. Click HERE for Shelter hours and complete contact info.

Featured Pet


Meet Harlow! This sweet girl was rescued out of a dangerous median on I-220 in Jackson. She is a Boxer mix with maybe some hound in her from her short height and around a year old. Harlow has the sweetest personality and disposition. She shows no aggression toward other dogs, and absolutely loves all humans. She is a fence climber, so she would need a tall, wooden privacy fence to keep her safe. Come meet this sweet gal today and see for yourself what a great dog she is.


Miss Vicky is a female gray Tiger cat who is about 3 years old. This sweet one had been hanging around the shelter but would not let us catch her until one day, out of desperation and hunger, she jumped into a volunteer's car as she was leaving the shelter. Now safe and no longer hungry, Miss Vicky waits for her special family! Please come meet her!


Visit our Website for info on our adoption process and to fill out an application at CARA's Adoption Process.

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There are many ways that you can volunteer. From helping take care of the animals at the shelter to becoming a foster for the sick or special needs pets. Whatever your schedule allows, we have something you can for you! And no matter how small you think your contribution is, it is HUGE to us! We need people to do everything from as simple as writing a thank you note, to as complex as planning a fundraising event.

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Abbi Mims requested for her 7'th birthday that her friends not buy her presents, but instead make a donation to the shelter babies at CARA. We were all floored by the donations she brought. This little girl's heart is absolutely beautiful!

Happy Tails Doggie Happy Tails Kitty Cat
Happy Tail -- Klivan

Meet sweet Wilson...Wilson's mom decided that she didn't have time for Wilson, between her job and other things. And according to her, he just couldn't understand. So, to CARA he came. Well, guess what, Wilson? Your new mom has nothing but time for you, little man!! Wilson hit it big when he was introduced to Laureen Hunter! As you can clearly see by his new mom's great big smile, she simply adores him! All things happen for a reason, Wilson and I'm pretty sure you now know what the reason was. We sure do. Thank you so much Laureen Hunter, for choosing our little guy and committing to always putting his needs at the top of your list. We feel sure that you two will share many wonderful years and make many great memories together. Cherish every minute of your incredible new life, little guy! Click to read other Happy Tails!

This is Klivan, happy as can be in the arms of his new family! Dai Flynt and family have made our Klivan feel like the luckiest cat on the planet! Klivan came to the shelter with 3 other cats. Two women walked in with 4 carriers, set them down and took off. Five year old Klivan is a very special cat in more ways than one, in that he has 7 toes. Peggy, our cattery manager, fell in love with him immediately. Klivan is a calm, big fat lap cat. We are so glad that this family came in and met Klivan. He is now living a dream. Thank you Flynt family for giving our boy a forever home! Klivan, Peggy wants you to know that she misses you already, but she is so incredibly happy for you, as we all are. Enjoy your wonderful life, sweet boy!
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