Companion Animal Placement Program Inc.

Our Pet List


No pet of the month featured at this time, but we have many wonderful pets for adoption. Please click on "our pet list" above to see some of our pets that are currently available!


Visit the CAPP web site for our pet adoption clinic schedule, directions to the clinic site, our pet adoption policies, pet adoption application, and other pet-related information. We can be reached by e-mail at

Who We Are

We're Companion Animal Placement Program ( CAPP ), a not for profit, all volunteer group that provides support to individual pet owners, animal shelters, and other animal rescue organizations by assisting in the placement of homeless pets. Since 1995 CAPP 's volunteers have been involved in the rehoming of an average of 225 pets each year (mainly dogs and cats).

CAPP activities include:
  1. Public Education
  2. Animal Rescue
  3. Animal Fostering
  4. Pet Adoption Clinics
  5. Applicant Screening
  6. Post-Placement Services:
    • Crate Training
    • Housebreaking and Other Pet Care Tips
    • Referrals to Obedience Instructors, Veterinarians and Animal Behaviorists
An integral part of our program is to ensure that, prior to placement, our animals receive appropriate inoculations, are wormed, tested for canine heartworm or feline leukemia (if old enough), and spayed or neutered. There is a non-refundable fee associated with each adoption to help cover our costs, which are mainly for veterinary care.

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