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Our foster cats and kittens live with us at home so that we can help you find the right match for both of you

News & Adoption Events

We hold our Adoption Fair on Sundays, and now some Saturdays as well, in Washington DC. Adoption location information listed below. For more information on each cat listed, contact the foster home listed at the end of each cat's description.

Who We Are

Capital Cats is a group of foster households on the Capitol Hill area of Washington, DC. We primarily assist cats (and kittens) who have lived among people at some point in their lives, but then were abandoned and struggled to survive. These kitties are so thankful to find someone who will care for them again, see that they are spayed/neutered and vaccinated, and then work hard to match them up with the perfect permanent home. In the meantime, they get to be spoiled rotten in our foster homes!!

Adopting a friend

We generally have a wide selection of cats and kittens for placement. Please note that our cats must live indoors and cannot be declawed; also, we only place young kittens in pairs or into homes with another young cat. Call the contact person listed for each cat for additional information, or come to one of our weekly adoption outreaches described below.

Come Visit Us!

EVERY SUNDAY EACH MONTH - we show our cats from noon to 3 most Sundays at Howl to the Chief! (formerly called Chateau-Animaux), 733 Eighth Street, SE, on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. You may want to visit one of the fine restaurants on Eighth Street before or after you visit us, and there is a nationally recognized flea market 3 blocks away at historic Eastern Market. Parking is available in the neighborhood and especially around the corner on I St. Or the Eastern Market metro is a few blocks away.


JANUARY 23, 2016 - UNLEASHED on Pentagon Row, 1101 S Joyce St B-23, Arlington, VA 22202. Store phone (703) 412-2990 Capital Cats will be at Unleashed from noon - 3pm. Join us to meet some of our wonderful cats! Due to limited space at this event, we are unable to bring all of our cats. Please contact the foster home to learn more about our cats or to arrange a meeting.

Tax-deductible Contributions Accepted

Your donations help support the care of the cats and kittens in foster care. Recent expenses have included amputation for a kitten with a broken leg, ear surgery for a young cat diagnosed with tumor of the inner ear, and kitten formula and medical treatment for a litter of kittens with complications from an upper respiratory infection (including visits to the veterinary eye doctor!). Checks can be sent to Capital Cats, PO Box 15426, Washington DC 20003.

Breakthrough for People with Cat Allergies

News from researchers at the University of Cambridge in England reveals cat allergy is similar to dust mite and nickel metal allergy. Expect this to make new medicines to treat cat allergies!!! We hear so many people at our adoption events tell us how they love cats, but are allergic. Maybe there will be help for them soon! Link to Univ. of Cambridge News
Capital Cats
P.O. Box 15426
Washington, DC 20003

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