The Canine Connection

In Tribute to and in Memory of my beloved Bouvier "Buster" (5/93 - 5/04). The inspiration behind all we do. It has been a long time since this boy left me, but yet when I visit his grave in our pet cemetary, tears still flow as he was my canine soul mate, my best friend and my protector. I pray every day that dogs do go to heaven so I can see Buster and all of the wonderful friends that have graced my life, home and heart.

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Update: August 1, 2012 We are now up to 712 adoptions! We started our rescue operation 9 years ago (2003) and are still trying to help save lives. We invite you to visit our YouTube video at Most of the dogs we have here are considered unadoptable for one issue or another. We call them our "sanctuary" dogs. Many are seniors now, as no one ever wanted to take them home. I love every one of them as if I chose them myself, and want to allow them to live out their lives here with me as they know they are loved and secure. We depend on adoption fees and donations to support the rescue and sanctuary dogs. WE TOTALLY BELIEVE IN A NATURAL LIFESTYLE FOR OUR DOGS BY LIMITING EXPOSURE TO TOXINS, POISONS, AND FEEDING THEM A SPECIES APPROPRIATE DIET. THANKS AGAIN TO OUR 712 ADOPTERS (MANY WHO HAVE ADOPTED TWO OR MORE DOGS FROM US OVER THE YEARS!)