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Del Norte Dogs is new to the Petfinder site (3/02).
Our immediate goal is to better publicize and rescue more dogs from our local animal shelter.
We look forward to working with the many California and Oregon rescues, and many many other rescues. I am also asking for the people that have pictures of animals, I would like to put those pictures to use by adding them to my site. Along with the pictures I ask for your name, location, phone number and also some important information about these animals such as their name, to whom they reside with, whether they are house trained, whether they do well with other animals, their breed, their size, their age, and whether or not they have all of their vaccinations. This information is so very vital to finding good homes for them. Upon request of the current animal owner, I will be able to do house checks, for the soon to be owner. We accept donations such as old chew toys, cages, blankets, dog food of any kind, and ect.. Tomorrow the dog pound will uthinize at most 14 pups and assorted dogs to have more space for when other dogs need to be caged. What did they do to deserve this? PLEASE help me find them homes and soon. Save a life, become somones best friend. If you adopt just one dog, and spread the news, it then leads to many other adoptions. Be proud of yourself. Choose The Del Norte Dog Pound to adopt you very own little bundle of unconditional love and happiness.

Who We Are

We are a small rescue group , that works directly with the local dog pound. For more info call 1 (707) 458 3564. In Del Norte County , located in the far northwest corner of California. Our philosophy is to find responsible owners for the many good dogs who may soon be euthanized at the Del Norte County Animal Shelter. We seek permanent homes and also work with other northern and central California rescues by holding dogs while transportation is being arranged. We can help arrange transport., in special cases.

Adopting a friend

Please see our Friendly Pet List for a description and possible picture of our recent rescues. If pictures are not currently up, please email, and I will get you a picture. Please call the pound directly for these dogs as time may be short for them. The phone number is (707)464-7235 Monday-Friday . Or if there is an ad for a animal such other than a dog please contact Kelly.

Come Visit Us!

Simply drop us an e-mail if you would like to complete an application to adopt or arrange a visit with one of the dogs in foster care or at the pound its-self.
Del Norte Dogs

Crescent City, CA 95531
Phone: 707-458-4061
Or even send me such things as inquires, suggestions or even something that you are looking for, advice or anything please feel free to write to my personal address: Kelli Clausen 2510 Hwy 199 #6-c Crescent City, CA 95531 707 458 3564
Email: (***ATTENTION FOR ALL***) our shelter is a phone or email based shelter, meetings can be arraged, but we do not have a formal building. Thank You For Your ATTENTION. Click here for a list of friendly pets at this shelter

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