Bengal Rescue Network (501c3)

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Who We Are

The Bengal Rescue Network is a 501c3 non-profit organization. We are an organization of volunteers. All of its members are active Bengal cat enthusiasts who truly care about these cats' well being and happiness. We hope to ensure that NONE of these cats roam the streets, go hungry, sleep in the cold, lack affection or remain alone and facing an uncertain future.

Adopting a friend

The Network is a meeting place for foster caretakers and rescue groups from around the country. To be part of the Network, the caretaker/group must agree that 1) all cats are spayed/neutered before placement and 2) cats are not regularly permitted to be adopted as outside pets. Adoption fees vary but on average range from $100 - $200 plus cost of transportation if needed.

For more information

Visit the cat listings ... contact information is usually listed in the body of the message text on the cat's individual information page. Emailing the main address will not always put you in touch with the person that HAS the cat.

For information about the Bengal cat breed, please go to The International Bengal Cat Society homepage.

For information regarding regional contacts if you need help with a cat, and to see more photos and listings of available cats, plus receive up to the minute information on cats for adoption, please join the Bengal Rescue Network email list at

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