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Adopting A Friend

 Our Adoption procedure is straightforward.

We require a reference from the applicant's veterinarian and farrier.
We require recent photos of the facility and enclosures where the Miniature Horse will be kept.
We require recent photos of the applicant's current equines.
We may send a representative to view the premises prior to an Adoption being approved.

It is in our mandate to determine that an applicant will uphold our standard of Miniature Horse care, and have open and honest dealings with Pipsqueak Paddocks Miniature Horse Haven Society throughout the application process and the Adoption contract period.

Please fill out the Application form found at www.PipsqueakPaddocks.com/Adopt if you wish to be pre-approved for our waiting list, or to apply for a specific Miniature Horse.

Who We Are

Pipsqueak Paddocks Miniature Horse Haven 
is a rehabilitation and rehoming centre for Miniature Horses.
We are located in Yarrow, in the beautiful upper Fraser Valley of BC.

 We have been in operation and privately funded since January, 2004.  
We achieved registered Non-Profit Society and Charity status in 2009.
Charity # 808932222RR0001

Our Mandate:
- To receive or acquire abused, neglected or unwanted Miniature Horses in British Columbia
- To provide these Miniature Horses with health care and training as needed.
- To place these Miniature Horses into screened, permanent homes.
- To educate the public about the versatility, care and handling of the Miniature Horse.
     People have surrendered their Minis to rehome for various reasons.  Sometimes they are moving and can't take their horse with them.  Or, for some reason, they can no longer care for their four-legged friend.  We will accept any Miniature Horse and provide them with vet care, farrier care, dental work and all of the necessities to ensure that they are healthy and happy.  If a Mini is suitable for driving or some other discipline, we will have it trained.  If you truly just want a good home for your Mini and are out of time or options - we will happily take on the task of finding them a loving and permanent new home.
     We have worked on our own, and with the SPCA and other Rescue Organizations in order to acquire Minis that need extensive rehabilitation or a quick exit from their current situations.  

If you know of a Miniature Horse that needs help, please contact us.


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