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Who We Are

The Baxter County Animal Control facility opened in July 2006. Under Arkansas law, animals must be kept for five (5) business days. Thereafter, they may be euthanized. Extremely sick or injured animals may be put down sooner, so they do not suffer. If you think your animal may have been picked up, please do not delay! Call Baxter County Animal Control Facility immediately at (870) 481-5822.

Animals are listed by their intake number. Breeds and estimated ages are given, but opinions differ on breed, breed mix, and age, so please look at all animals listed if your companion animal is missing. Locations of pick up are given, if available, and a photo will be posted whenever possible.


Local animal rescue groups are making every effort to save as many of the animals picked up by Baxter County Animal Control as possible. The animal loving citizens of Baxter County thank these groups for their assistance. The Animal Rescue Site $100,000 Shelter+ Challenge with lasts from April 13 through July 26, 2009. Please remember to vote daily by clicking the link below!!

The Animal Rescue Site

Donate a Bed
Looking for a meaningful and lasting gift for a Pet Lover? Donate a Kuranda dog bed to one of our dogs in the name of a friend or family member. A personalized Gift Card will be mailed to them to inform them of the wonderful gift you have selected for them.
Donate Now Thank you to the companies that have made recent donations. Thank you to Hill's Science Diet for allowing us to be a member of their Shelter Program. Thank you to Walmart for various items donated. AKC for a new microchip scanner. Thank you to the following individuals for the recent donations! C. Sledge for the donation of 2 bottles and 3 bags of treats for the dogs and bottle of flea and tick spray. Anonymous donation of 17 collars, 2 retractable leashes, 3 leashes, dog brush, 6 towels, a blanket, and 2 sheets sets. B. Foster for the donation of a Kuranda dog bed. M. Spurlock for the donation of 12 collars, 5 towels, 6 leashes, 3 slip leashes, 2 bottles and 6 boxes dewormer, 4 bags rawhide chews, 4 bottles shampoo, 2 toys and 2 bottles oral health for dogs.P. Penning for several dog ang cat treats. C. Jones for 4 new collars.

Wish List

If you would like to help the stray animals in Baxter County there are several ways you could do so: Let everyone you know, know about us! Donate a new or slightly used item on our wish list: toys, collars, leashes, harness, flea and tick medication, de wormer, dog/puppy or cat/kitten treats, cat litter, kitty beds, Kurnada Dog Beds, first-aid kits, rubber gloves, cleaning supplies for the animals, canned dog/puppy food, canned cat/kitten food, and chain link fence and materials. Monetary donations to one of our projects: Emergency medical treatment- as needed by the animals, Spay/neuter program, Vaccinations, Advertising. Donate: Time: sewing/ crocheting/or knitting for making quilts, sweaters, paw protectors, Kitty beds. Free patterns may be found at Donate: materials for the above projects. You can make a difference! There are many projects to come in the future. Please keep us in your thoughts! A Special Thank You to Eagles Aerie 3183 for allowing us to use their space for our Garage Sale. Thank you to C. Sacher for the donation of the raffle prize. Congratulations D. Henley the raffle winner! The stray animals really appreciate all that you do for them! And a very Special Thank You to the volunteers that make all of our events possible!

Adopting a friend

If a member of the public sees an animal they would like to adopt, please call 481-5822 as soon as possble. Every effort will be made to facilitate an adoption.

Come Visit Us!

Take 126 to Substation Circle, just north of the yellow water tower. Turn onto Substation Circle and go about 1/5 of a mile. The Animal Control building is on the right in a beige building.

Baxter County Animal Control Facility
9 Substation Place

Midway, AR 72651
Phone: (870) 481-5822


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