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We have added several new companion dogs to our list of available rescues. Thanks to this list, many have now been adopted: Garnet, Annya, Frosty, Callie, Missy, Katie, Bea and Norman.


Who We Are

Westie Rescue/Austin is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, and we are delighted to accept donations that are tax deductible to the limit allowable by law. We work with West Highland Terrier (Westies) Rescue, Cairns, and Scotties.

Adopting a friend

We always can find you the perfect pet, if not with our foster network, with some other rescue program. The dogs that come into our rescue program come to us from various means. Some are strays, some have been abandoned or left at shelters by owners who no longer can care for them due to circumstances such as moving, illness in family, new child, divorce, economic issues, etc. Terriers are not the breed for everyone, no matter how cute or popular they seem to be. They demand a lot of attention, for care and grooming, should be indoor dogs and not left outside. Terriers like to chase small game such as squirrels or rabbits or cats, and will not heed commands when on a chase. They may also like to dig, and will rearrange a garden or flower bed, or escape from under a fence. Terriers are very independent minded, and do not tolerate being mauled by young children. Therefore we do not recommend adopting a terrier into a family with children less that 8 or 10 years of age. Our adoption process includes an application form, a home visit, references checked, a donation fee and follow-up visits after adoption to insure that the terrier is in the right home with the right family. For an application, or any questions you may have, please contact us via email at austinwestierescue@gmail.com. We foster the dogs that you see listed here on Petfinder in various volunteer homes.

Come Visit Us!

All our rescued animals are in private foster homes, so an appointment is necessary. Thank you for your interest in "recylcing" a furkid. Please email austinwestierescue@gmail.com for an adoption application or visit on our website (www.westierescueaustin.org) for an online adoption application.
Westie Rescue/Austin TX
PO Box 2043
Pflugerville, Tx 78691
Phone: (cell - leave message)

Email: austinwestierescue@gmail.com
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