Austin Boston Terrier Rescue Inc.


It's time to say goodbye.

I will never regret, or forget, the 5 plus years that I spent rescuing Boston Terriers. I will never forget their faces, their first tentative kisses, the first time their little eyes lit up as happiness, love and safety became part of their lives. I will never forget the ones that we had to let go, the ones for whom life was too hard, the ones who were too sick, the ones who needed a different kind of rescue. I will never forget all of the thoughtful people who supported our cause through their donations, prayers and kind words. I will never forget the wonderful, special people who opened their hearts and homes to give these sweet Bostons a second chance at life, who understood that a rescued dog has a very special love to give. And I will never forget the selfless, tireless volunteers who gave themselves to these dogs who needed them so very badly.

I have tried for a long time to keep this group going, but it is time for me to realize that life has other things in store for me right now, and I must let go and let others carry on the cause. Austin Boston Terrier Rescue will be gone, but the need continues. Please seek out the other fine Boston Terrier Rescue groups located throughout Texas and other states. Please consider adopting a rescued Boston Terrier, and please support the efforts of other rescue groups as you are able. The Bostons and their rescuers need you!

I'm grateful for the small part that I was able to play in the lives of so many wonderful dogs. I will never forget.
- Cindy M. Russell

Austin Boston Terrier Rescue Inc.
P.O. Box 1823
Pflugerville, Texas 78691-1823

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