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Atlanta Abyssinian Rescue has helped to rescue and place well over 50 cats now, mostly purebred Abyssinians.  We will always take in a purebred Abyssinian, no matter what the situation or condition of the cat.

Iolante is a rare Aphrodite born on the island of Cyprus in Greece.  She is the mother of the first Aphrodite born in the U.S.  She is a gorgeous calico and is a little shy at first, but is very sweet and affectionate.  She will ask for attention from you once she learns to trust you, which never takes very long.

Phoebe is a beautiful, young black tortoiseshell who loves to interact with her humans and to play.  She is quiet and sweet.

Jazmin is an 8 year old ruddy female Abyssinian whose owner had a stroke and had to go into an assisted living facility.  She is friendly, affectionate and beautiful.  She likes to sit with you while you read or watch tv.

If you are interested in one of the rescues in our list, email us and ask about them at rescues@abyssinians.us

Adopting A Friend

If you are interested in one of the available rescues, please email us at rescues@abyssinians.us -- we will respond right away, send you a questionnaire, and when it is approved, you can come meet these adorable cuties by appointment (all are in foster homes).

They are all spayed or neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and ready for their new permanent home.

All of our rescues come with a two-week no questions asked full money back guarantee.  After that time, we will always take them back, and we will also always be there for help and advice for the life of the cat.

Who We Are

We have been working in rescue in the southeastern U.S. state of Georgia, mostly with kittens and cats, since 1980. We currently volunteer regularly with a local rescue veterinary clinic in whatever capacity they need.

Years ago, Facebook pages and website pages were created to network to help Abyssinian cats all over North America, and we continue to help Abyssinian cats in need by either taking them in personally, placing them in a foster home, or giving free advice to others who rescue them.

Atlanta Abyssinian Rescue opened in 2009 to help Abyssinian cats (and sometimes Aby mixes) in need of rescue, foster, rehabilitation, and placing in a Forever Home.  We have placed well over 50 Abyssinians and Aby mixes in need since then and will continue to take them in as we are able.  Your donation helps with this. These Abys and Aby mixes are all fostered in private homes, mostly in my home.

There are some generous, kind  people who help with these rescues by fostering them or transporting them to a foster home or their Forever Home.  We are friends now and we all work together to save the Abys!

You can send a PayPal donation to rescues@abyssinians.us to help us with vet bills, food, vaccinations, and medicine. Thank you for helping us help these beautiful cats.

Come Visit Us

Once your questionnaire is filled out and approved, you can come visit the kittens and cats and choose your favorite to bring home with you.  All of our rescues are in foster homes in a home setting, not caged.  These rescues are in Georgia and Florida.

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