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Animal Helper is an all-volunteer organization to help pets and their owners in the Greater New Orleans. Animal Helper was set up to help animals and their owners during this unique time in history after Katrina. Every living, breathing creature, no matter how big or small, was affected by Katrina. Many owned animals are still roaming the streets since Katrina. Some owned animals have turned feral. We have been feeding several dogs for several years now. We Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) feral cat colonies. We also feed feral cat colonies. We feed stray dogs and feral dog packs in New Orleans East. We provide dog/cat food and animal supplies to underprivileged pet owners in New Orleans East. We also provide food to resident feeders. We rescue stray dogs, and the occasional cats. We then rehabilitate them in order to find them loving permanent homes.

All of our animals are in foster homes in the Greater New Orleans area. All of our animals have been temperament tested prior to entering our organization. We are an all breed rescue. We have teamed up with a local high-kill shelter in the area. We are working with them to reduce their euthanasia rates. Other animals are found roaming the streets as strays. Occasionally we accept owner surrenders but this is rare.

How to adopt or foster

If you are interested in an adoptable companion on our site or have room in your heart and home for a foster pet, please contact us via e-mail for an application to foster or adopt. We'll e-mail you the appropriate application. Completed applications can be returned by e-mail. We will contact you to tell you more about the pet in our care and to review your application. Then, one of our volunteers will schedule a time for you to meet the animal in a neutral site and to arrange a home visit. If all parties agree (including the current resident pet if necessary!) the adoption will proceed.

All of our animals are neutered or spayed before the adoption is finalized, and are given all needed shots; copies of their health records are provided. Fees for adoption vary depending on the animal. We also ask that individuals sign an adoption agreement that specifies that the animal will be returned to us at any time if circumstances change and the pet can no longer stay with the adopter.

If you are looking for a particular type of companion pet and/or one is not listed on our site, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail. We are in constant contact with local shelters and other local rescue groups that have all kinds of animals in their care. We will refer you to other groups via our network. All of us have the same goal: to find an abandoned animal a good home.

How to Support Us

Like everything else, our vet bills are increasing every day. We are also rescuing more animals with medical needs; people surrender or abandon them particularly when finances are tight. We have rescued many lately from a high-kill shelter with heartworms that were scheduled to be euthanized. Heartworm treatment is very costly.

Are you special enough to foster?

We need very special people to foster; those who can love and let go, just like letting the kids go to college. You can do so much by giving an abandoned animal a chance to regain their faith in humans in a loving environment before going to a permanent home. We cover veterinary care and can provide food and supplies while you foster. You provide the most necessary elements: love and patience to get our friends back on their four feet. We are always in need of foster parents.

But if your ark is already full...

We are looking for assistance with photographing our animals. We also need assistance grooming our long hair dogs.

If one of our website pets just tugs at your heartstrings, you can sponsor an adoptable animal with a monetary donation. Any donation, no matter how small, can go a long way to helping with food and vet bills. We give all of our animals the best vet care available, which quickly adds up.

Animal Helper can always use donations. We are a small group of volunteers and rely on donations to cover our rescue costs. All donated funds are applied directly to fund our rescue efforts. The donations assist in the costs of medical care, supplies, training and rehabilitation of animals in our care. There are many ways to help out! We use the donations for the animals in foster care and for feeding stray & feral animals still on the street. You can specify which one you would like your donation to go towards, if you have a preference.

Wish List

We will always gladly accept monetary donations or gift cards to Wal-mart, Petco, PetSmart, Target, and . Donations can also be made directly to our vet. Please email us for coordination of pick-up or drop-off for donations. Donations can always be dropped off at Puppy Love Daycare in Metairie, LA from 7:30 am until 6:00 pm Monday thru Friday.

Special Thanks

We'd like to thank Angela Portera at Puppy Love for all of her donated services. Also we'd like to thank all of the wonderful staff at Lakeview Veterinary Hospital.

Animal Helper
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