ANEW (Animal Network Efforts by Women) and
The ARC (All Rescue Cats)

Just the Dogs

Just the Cats

See below how you can help. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Adoption clinic volunteers- Minimum age 14

Transporters/setup/teardown volunteers/dog walkers (minimum age 14)

Before events and end of events. Ongoing. Reliable tranportation with a/c and heat. Able to lift crates, kennels and clean up.

We always accept food donations at our adoption clinics.


ANEW is non-profit animal humane association which has been in existence since 2000. ANEW is supported primarily by public donations. Our budget is less than $25,000.00 per year and all funds go toward the animals. ANEW does not have any paid employees, no kennels or a facility to house the animals until they are adopted - they are all in private foster homes with volunteers (see "Volunteering" below). ANEW does not have an open-door policy for animal intake.

ADOPTING A PET/PROCEDURE AND GUIDELINES: Review our pet notes for information on the animal you are interested in adopting. Have an application emailed to you or talk to one of our volunteers at our listed adoption clinics for pre-screening to make the best match possible. You must be at least 21 years of age (have photo ID). ANEW has age requirements for children, in addition to requirements for puppies, kittens and small dogs. For more information call 505-203-4459 business number or email

All have an individual pet finder page to read about them. Adoptions are LOCAL; we do not ship or transport. All have a fee.

All have an individual petfinder page to read about them. Adoptions are LOCAL only within NM; we do not ship or transport. All have a fee.


If you have an animal needing placement, you must sign up to be its foster care provider and when it is up to date on shots, rabies, we can discuss how to bring it through our adoption agency.


ANEW is looking for volunteers during the week and weekend to help at our adoptions or other events. Training is necessary. Please call if you can donate 5 hours per week and commit to three months. Call Jan to volunteer at 505-319-8991 ASAP.


Please call us to find out how to become a foster parent for a cat or dog!


If you have something you'd like to donate, call us ahead of time so we can make room in our vehicle or schedule a pickup. Sponsorships are only $31.00 per animal, more if you can! That's $1 per day to help provide for food, medicine, and shelter for those animals in need. SELECT A PET AND BE ITS SPONSOR FOR THE MONTH. Remember: Donations are tax-deductible! Check out for your signage needs. They donate to animal groups.

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ANEW PO BOX 9244 Albuquerque, NM 87119 Business phone number: 505-203-4459-Eleanor or email Monday through Friday 8 am to 4 pm to Email: