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Please Donate, Help Our Babies This year, please give the gift of hope and life. All donations go to the vet care and food for our babies. Not one dime is spent on administrative costs or volunteers. Our volunteers donate all items we need on a daily basis: Stamps, Love, Time, Fostering, etc. We do not kennel our dogs. They are all in loving foster homes!


All About Them, Giant Breed Rescue is a Christian organization comprised of volunteers that strives to be innovative in its assistance to Giant Breed canines. Our foster homes have expanded to being both rehab and sanctuary homes for many of the orphans. When decisions must be made, we believe that the animals' needs come first. We believe that like us, no two animals are alike and are individuals. Our goals are to educate humans about what breed is best for adopters, their lifestyle, proper canine nutrition and health as well as understanding what the animals are saying through their behavior. Never should an animal or an adopter have to "settle" for one another.


We are just like you, we love all animals big and small. We are a small Christian Giant Breed Rescue. Rehab and Sanctuary of Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds, Scottish Deerhounds, Borzois and English Mastiffs. This very small organization consists solely of volunteers, we do not receive any federal or state funding, we rely on you, the public and your generosity to continue our work, but we cannot continue without your help. Not one penny goes towards administrative costs - all donations go to the vet care and food for our orphans. All dogs available for adoption live in foster homes in NJ, and PA. Our adoption radius is NJ, Lower NY State and Eastern PA. We will sometimes, at our discretion, adopt out to other areas in the North East. Our dogs are fed a holistic diet. We take a holistic approach in animal care. We titer test all our dogs before any vaccines are given. All our dogs are spayed and neutered before they are eligible for adoption. Our founder is an animal communicator who was accepted to Penelope Smith's Animal Communicators Directory. We believe that animal communication is needed in rescue today. We are available to help other rescues or shelters who might need to communicate with their animals. We are available for workshops, classes, lectures, tutoring or private and group sessions. We use Bach Flowers Remedies. Our animals receive Craniosacral Work, The Tellington Method and Reiki from The CranioConnection . We believe in the positive training of Most Valued Pet . Thank you so VERY much for thinking of those less fortunate!

Thank YOU for your donations!!

Thank you to all of our Donors, Sponsors and Supporters - we love you and couldn't do it without you!


Please email us if you are interested in volunteering! We want to thank the wonderful volunteers and foster homes that work so hard for this organization. We appreciate all the love and time they give to their fosters and our rescue. Please email us if you are interested in volunteering! "All About Them Giant Breed Rescue" is always seeking Volunteers and Foster Homes. Volunteering can be in the form of holding a fundraiser to benefit "All About Them", posting flyers, fostering a dog, coordinating transportation - the possibilities are endless! Email:

Adopting a Forever Friend

To adopt from this rescue, an application must be completed and approved. We do a home evaluation and assist in the selection process. This rescue does not believe in window shopping. Adopters will only meet with dogs that are perfect matches. Only approved adopters are able to meet with our dogs. Meetings, once potential adopters are approved, are by appointment only. If you are looking for the perfect addition to your lifestyle and living arrangements and your heart - you have come to the right rescue! We believe in matches made in heaven for our DOGS and ADOPTERS! We will be closed for adoptions starting December 16th, 2007 and will reopen for adoptions on January 2, 2008. We feel that our orphans should not get lost in the season or become Christmas presents. They should have their own quit time to get adjusted to their new families. This also gives our volunteers some time to visit with family and friends. You can apply for an orphan during this time but the adoptions will not take place until after the new year. We would like to wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday season.

All About Them Giant Breed Rescue

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